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    I really really like

    Furries are love, furries are life.
    Most of pepole on this forum hate furries but actually, it's beacause they're not smart enough to understand the furry culture, that has many years...
    Of course, first furries were in Ancient Egypt, where pepole praised the half-human-half-animal gods.
    Furry makes you understand the nature more, it allows you to understand that we humans have not the best look and humans can improve.
    It's confirmed - furries have higher IQ than non-furries. And furry haters are least intellectual humans, some of pepole even thing their mind is so primitive, so they're not even humans.
    Nowdays, furries are still alive. The day when last furry dies will be the end of humanity. Only dumbasses will exist that can only type some bullshit on keyboard that is so primitive, so it's not even worth reading by a high-intellectual human. Their phone is a smartphone, but they're not smarthumans, even their phone is smarter than them.
    Furries keep the humanity alive, those who can't realise it are dumb and have <45 IQ. Usually, due low intellect of the furry haters scientists use them for their expirements, since they're closest to human animals. Some pepole even think that Hitler tested the gas cameras on furry haters first, to get the ansewer: "Will it kill those jews?".

    Conclusion: Furries are more advanced humans than us. We should save them at all costs!


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    Re: I really really like

    This is the worst content I have seen on this site. This post is egregious and absolutely disgusting. You should feel ashamed for posting this. This is one of the worst things I have ever read.

    I am not even going to move this to circlejerk. Circlejerk is too good to deserve a thread like this. I am making a new forum specifically for content that is this fucking awful in quality.

    You have truly managed to disgust me and that is rare. I am both disappointed and angered at what I have read. Let this serve as a warning to the exact type of content SC2Mafia does not need.

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