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    S-FM Pentakill


    • The goal of this setup is to help players develop short-term action reads.
    • The mechanics encourage players to organize their actions to prevent the Spree Killer from winning outright.
    • The addition of a Jester gives the Spree Killer room to act, and gives the town breathing room for the Spree Killer to make a mistake.

    1 Spree Killer, 1 Jester, 13 Bus Drivers
    Spoiler : expanded :
    Spree Killer
    Bus Driver
    Bus Driver
    Bus Driver
    Bus Driver
    Bus Driver
    Bus Driver
    Bus Driver
    Bus Driver
    Bus Driver
    Bus Driver
    Bus Driver
    Bus Driver
    Bus Driver

    All standard S-FM Rules apply
    Pictures are allowed within reasonable size. Hopefully I don't need to specify what "reasonable size" is.
    Videos are allowed as long as autoplay is off.

    24 hour days. (Could be changed to 48 hours but I think shorter days are better for this setup. If schedule permits, 36 is probably good.)
    24 hour nights.
    Last wills allowed.
    Suicide is NOT allowed under any circumstances.
    Silly Clause: This game can not be on the S-FM Ladder, and this part of the setup cannot be removed from the setup. So, there.

    Spoiler : Rolecards :

    Spree Killer
    You may spree at a player's house at night.
    If no players visit that player at night, you do nothing.
    If that player is visited at night, you instead kill them, and all players who visit them.
    You have no cooldown between sprees.
    You may switch two players at night.
    You do not visit those players, meaning that the Spree Killer can not kill you from visiting another player.
    If you are lynched, you MUST choose one of the players who voted you to die. This kill can be swapped by the Bus Driver
    Bus Driver
    You MUST switch two players at night.
    Those two players' positions are swapped.

    Spree Killer: Eliminate all of the Bus Drivers (or as many as is possible), OR kill 5 people in one night.
    Bus Drivers: Eliminate the Spree Killer.
    Jester: Get hanged.

    Quote Originally Posted by Distorted View Post
    - Can bus drivers bus themself?

    - Do you consider the location the player is bussed to as visiting? (ex: A buses B with C. If MM visits C, will A be considered visiting C? or is he only visiting B?)
    A is switching both B and C, so he is visiting both.

    - Are the players considered visiting where they are bussed to? or who they visit first to bus?
    Players visit both of their targets.

    - Can we get the gate of steiner achievement?

    - How toxic are you planning on this to get?

    Note: to fix the OoO issue, just assign everyone a number. that is the order it goes in. (the number assigned to players is not revealed to the players.) host info only.
    This is a good idea.
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    Is it really alright to just call them "dark" templar
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    please stop shitposting
    Hopefully you'll get banned and hit by a truck.



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