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Thread: Timmy Town

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    Re: Timmy Town

    Quote Originally Posted by blinkskater View Post
    That was one of my favorite scum wins. I was jailed by the jailer N1. Managed to convince him I was town. Later in the game when he was in the hot seat I claimed I was jailer and to have jailed him N1, he went along with it because he believe me to be a Cit trying to take the bullet. SO I started directing traffic as the confirmed jailer

    May be a good read.
    Wow that sounds hilarious! :P

    Yea I'm enjoying it so far.

    Isn't this the game where MM counter claimed crier? LOL xD

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    This is good for me. I'm not insane! I didn't kill my family. I am fine. I'm not mad. I am innocent, I mean, not guilty!
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    Re: Timmy Town

    Quote Originally Posted by Wiisp View Post
    Rule of thumb, if someone hasnt been relatively townie, and then they go and make a scummy post like this? there's about an 90% chance they will flip scum, and I almost dont to humor flavor, but for Blink's sake and the fake that Marshmallow is scummer, i will leave him alone for tonight.

    This is a scummy pocket, the dude is even voting me now? for what? wheres his case?

    The dude agrees that Distorted's post, "Hey, GET PEOPLE AT L-1", was weird, yet he gets put in a null pile? That was a scummy post, but overall Distorted has been towny, in most cases, I will never take a micro read, over a macro read... if someone has been exponentially townie, then one scummy post wont make me flip-flop my read...

    I dont have to fucking instantiate all my reads, what? you think my thoughts are fake, and im pushing trying to push mislynches? Most people havent given reasons for not voting kenny outside blink who doesnt want to lynch him because of flavor reasons....

    lets not forget the post:

    let me tell you how illogical it is to say im scum with distorted if by some insanity he flips scum... I called him scum early on, hes been in my scum pile, why would I humor my own partner as scum, as early as one? and I 180 my read on him, after he starts being town? what logical sense would I have for doing that? if we in fact are W/W...

    kenny is bad town, or hes scum, else theres no logical reasoning for his progression, and lack of real thoughts or pushes, and if one more god damn person says, "ohh its day 1, you cant expect anyone to be confident", then so help my god, because its not about being confident, its about finding even the smallest things to push in hope they stick, so that we dont have to pray to the rng gods at EoD... if im wrong, im wrong, thats life, but thats not an excuse to do nothing day 1
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    Re: Timmy Town

    god scvm is open wolfing... is this common for him?


    if number 2 was actually town... he would not be afraid to just keep fluffing, the fact that he voted Kenny, with an added statement, is just so yikes
    like hey guys, I just want you to know, I am voting kenny here, im doing townie things

    Quote Originally Posted by #2
    going to sleep now. i'll put my vote on kenny kenny

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    Re: Timmy Town

    The Day will end on the hours The Timer is off by a few mins. EOD is 10pm EST Sharp. less than an hour. Unless we have 10 votes to skip The Person with the most votes will be lynched. NO min votes needed. if there is a Tie the people in the tie will be RNG. If there is 10 votes They will be insta lynched and Day will End. Good Luck Tod is counting on you to not let his death be in vain.

    Town noticed another Note on the Ground it reads "I have a message for the town. You may call me "Chris Hansen." I am going to set out on a campaign to eradicate this town of the organized crime members. I heard some of them are pedophiles and adulterers. I will be killing players at night who actually deserve it. Some may say that I am doing this in the best interest of the town. I am unconcerned with TPR roles and will only be interested in the members of the organized crime syndicate. Also players who want to derail the town and pollute the thread with rubbish will also be smitten. While I'm at it I may as well eliminate the players who will hurt town in the end by not posting enough. I am your ally in this fight town. If you all work with me I will work with you. I killed our mayor because he was corrupted. He was being paid off by the organized crime syndicate of the town. I will possibly reveal myself in due time."
    Do Not open this spoiler under any condition!!!!!!!
    Spoiler : :

    <a href=http://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/signaturepics/sigpic27614_1.gif target=_blank>http://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/signat...pic27614_1.gif</a>

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    Re: Timmy Town

    Quote Originally Posted by Wiisp View Post
    also, im saying this now, I had two Isos opened and

    was not said by Kenny, and I dont want people to read into evidence that doesnt actually exist
    Personal Opinion Both Him And Distorted Looking For A Turbo Lynch.. Blink Said Chooo Chooo Earlier & I View That As Scum Indicative.
    I Am Kira! I Am Justice!! I Am The Champion Of The Light!!! Death To The False Gods!!!!




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