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    Hey, pal—feelin' blue?
    Don't know what to do?
    Hey, pal—I mean you
    Yeah, c'mere and kill a president

    No job? Cupboard bare?
    One room, no one there?
    Hey, pal, don't despair
    You wanna shoot a president?
    C'mon and shoot a president

    Some guys
    Think they can't be winners
    First prize often goes to rank beginners

    Hey, kid, failed your test?
    Dream girl unimpressed?
    Show her you're the best
    If you can shoot a president

    You can get the prize
    With the big blue eyes
    Skinny little thighs
    And those big blue eyes

    Everybody's got the right
    To be happy
    Don't stay mad
    Life's not as bad
    As it seems

    If you keep your goal in sight
    You can climb to any height
    Everybody's got the right
    To their dreams

    Hey, fella
    Feel like you're a failure?
    Bailiff on your tail? Your
    Wife run off for good?
    Hey, fella, feel misunderstood?
    C'mere and kill a president

    What's-a wrong, boy?
    Boss-a treat you crummy?
    Trouble with your tummy?
    This-a bring you some relief
    Here, give
    Some hail-a to da chief

    Everybody's got the right
    To be different
    Even though at times they go
    To extremes
    Aim for what you want a lot
    Everybody gets a shot
    Everybody's got a right
    To their dreams

    Yo, baby!
    Looking for a thrill?
    The Ferris Wheel is that way
    No, baby
    This requires skill
    Okay, you want to give it a try

    Jeez, lady!
    Give the guy some room!
    The bumper cars are that way
    Please, lady
    Don't forget that guns can go boom

    Rich man, poor man
    Black or white
    Pick your apple
    Take a bite
    Everybody just hold tight
    To your dreams
    Everybody's got the right
    To their dreams
    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny View Post
    Is it really alright to just call them "dark" templar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cryptonic View Post
    please stop shitposting
    Hopefully you'll get banned and hit by a truck.

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