Jester kill can be healed?

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    Re: Jester kill can be healed?

    don't see why not. the jester kill is only there to serve as a deterrent to lynching the jester
    also, a doc can only heal one attack, so protecting someone from a jester kill effectively opens them up to attack by other parties
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    Polish my nuts and serve me a milkshake. Anyone who uses scum syntax will be lynched.

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    Re: Jester kill can be healed?

    Quote Originally Posted by MasterNinja View Post
    oof you must be in charge here.

    annyway, no harm in adding an options for voter always die on/off so the game gets even more customizable
    There is because it becomes the unwritten "meta" option and people get flamed in lobbies for having certain options on or off. It happened with the stupid spy change where they could read pms therefore that option had to be on and pms had to be on so the spy could self confirm or else they were turbo lynched

    obviously this doesn't have the same ramifications as a confirmable town but it would be always turned on to effectively kill the one guilty voter strategy which we don't see as a bad thing for coordinated towns (most towns are not coordinated)

    "Customisation for customisations sake" is good in theory but doesn't work on battle net. Sorry.
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    if you have elixir to contend with gl hf

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    Re: Jester kill can be healed?

    Quote Originally Posted by MasterNinja View Post
    mayor can be healed? OOF BAD SETUP
    arsonist doesnt always kill? OOF BAD SETUP

    people complain on everything then they forget about it. more customization is good. defaults have impacts because most people doesnt customize their saves properly and leaves alot at default.
    Actually i think mayor can be healed is useless.
    Only noob mafia will attack Mayor after reveal...



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