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    Re: mass murderer question

    Nope it's not a bug. BG follows MM. If 1 BG targets an MM, the MM dies to BG.

    The 2 is kind of a loop hole, like 2 escorts blocking a SK.

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    Re: mass murderer question

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    What other roles Does this? and shouldn't this be changed to normal like all other roles?
    think about it this way:
    The bodyguard chooses a target to protect. In order to protect his target, he follows them to whatever house they go to. Hence, if he chooses to protect an MM, he goes with the MM to his target house. Since MM kills everyone who visits the house, the BG dies.

    This is actually a part of the game that is good to remember. You can use this to figure out who the MM probably is just like when you see an escort visited a player and died to Serial Killer.

    If you see a BG died to MM and it was not a "shootout" (bg killed MM), then you know the BG targeted the MM that night (because if he targeted any other player and died to MM, it would be a shootout where he dies protecting that player and killing the MM). The only caveat is of course the possibility of a witch or bus driver affecting the BG/MM's target, so it's never 100% confirmed info.
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