{Restored} SoulEaterR: 1-S2-1-5152845

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    SoulEaterR: 1-S2-1-5152845

    old restore http://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showth...1-S2-1-5152845

    i had 32k points 2500-3500 games

    all replays and bank files from 2017 is deleted, all i got is replays from 2013 to 2016 with about 3000 games. the stuff from 2018 is using old bank.


    aamirus forgot to add my 20k points yesterday, we played today but then i forgot to tell him. so instead il gamble for 30k points and try get my stuff back.

    in reality i have 50k points but i kept the 12300 and 8300 point bank then kept re using them so i had colored name. i also recently deleted all my colored names by mistake.

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