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    Re: TaylorSwift 1-S2-1-2465973


    TaylorSwift: Correct. 1-S2-1-2465973

    Respective Hotkeys

    TaylorSwift: 1

    Was the Game Result altered?

    No, Town still managed to win.

    Previous Offenses

    TaylorSwift: None (only a very very old one)

    Player Offenses

    TaylorSwift: Intentional GameThrowing


    Setup: -

    Names / Roles: TaylorSwift selects "Not Taylor Swift" as his name and roles Mason. His team mate is 10 (Mason Leader).

    Day 1: Due to some shenanigans 10 is voted up. He claims Mason Leader and that 1 (TaylorSwift) is his Mason. TaylorSwift says "No I'm not" and constantly denies it. 10 is executed and flips Mason Leader. TaylorSwift says "I was looking for my honey link, get honey it's the chrome extension that makes you money".

    Recommended Action

    TaylorSwift: Watch List x2

    Additional Notes
    Thank you for the report! Feel free to report more players if you think they’re breaking the rules!

    Thank you Anonymous Donor

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