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    Re: S-FM The Mages' Guild

    Quote Originally Posted by blinkskater View Post
    You're brining other games into it. Don't you think a scum kenny would know how you think he plays as town, and replicate it as scum?
    That sounds good on paper; but not as easy for people to do in practice. especially with how much interaction ive had with kenny. I have scumread him literally all game for it lol but the not claiming a role, even as scum seems so unnecessary. He could have easily made up any kind of escort role or sheriff role and spat it out. the fact he literally delayed it up until his lynch is what makes me think stubbornness. I just think lynching eclipse first has the benefit of MAYBE seeing that kenny is town. what are the odds you think eclipse is town?

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    Re: S-FM The Mages' Guild

    Im Basically At My Wits End Between Both Kenny And Eclipse.. Yeah I Realize He Claims A RBer Role.. However, With BMer And The Dude That Put A Bounty On Distorteds Head.. Kinda Believe That Kenny Could Basically Be Town Escort..
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    Re: S-FM The Mages' Guild

    Quote Originally Posted by Distorted View Post
    The only way I see eclipse being a town role is if Kenny is mafia. but even then, with the NI I still think eclipse would be neutral.

    There is the flip side to that that Kenny is town and eclipse is mafia.

    I really do not see eclipse being a NI town, "student" then "mage" role claim. it makes 0 sense.

    -vote kenny

    near EoD im moving my vote back if this doenst move. but i wont be here for actual EoD. I got 40 minutes here then i gtg for a bit.
    Wtf. So now I townread Distorted for not jumping on the easy lynch and having a genuine thought process.... This game is mindblowing lol.
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