{Watch List} Akivar 1-S2-1-7129095, Kristen 1-S2-1-4893495

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    Akivar 1-S2-1-7129095, Kristen 1-S2-1-4893495

    Akivar 1-S2-1-7129095 - Gamethrow
    Kristen 1-S2-1-4893495 - Possibly teaming

    Day 4

    3 tried
    1 neut
    1 MM

    mm wants to side with us, we trial neut and exec him. Next night would been 3 vs 1 we could not lost the game we had guaranteed win.

    Guess what, Akivar decides to gamethrow and leave, which lets MM win.

    also possible Kristen is teaming, playing with, having 2 accounts (2 pc's at once) Playing with Akivar to let him win, seeing how happy he was about legitly thinking he "won" the game.

    I lost the new game lobby because i had to make this report, really takes me back, this kid better get a couple days banned for this.

    also, for whoever watching this replay, why did i die when i vent to a dead players house, and MM still killed me? MM cant visit dead players so he never came to my house. game buggy or what?
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    Re: Akivar 1-S2-1-7129095, Kristen 1-S2-1-4893495


    Akivar: Correct. 1-S2-1-7129095
    KristsN: Correct. 1-S2-1-4893495

    Respective Hotkeys

    Akivar: 2
    KristsN: Control + 1

    Was the Game Result altered?

    Yes, Mafia actually lost because of 15 leaving.

    Previous Offenses

    Akivar: None
    KristsN: None

    Player Offenses

    Akivar: Intentional Gamethrowing
    KristsN: None


    Day 4: There are 5 players remaining: 3 Triads, 1 MM and 1 Executioner. MM says "alright well im mm so im helpin triad". Triad for some reason decides to accept this and lynch 7 (Executioner) instead of 3 (MM). He is guiltied, and during his execution he claims Executioner and that 12 was his target and that "Oddly enough im still exec" (that is because 12 disguised into 13, so he didn't die. He just swapped his identity). Akivar says that Jester will kill 1 of them and MM will kill another Triad so he has already won. He states this and then leaves the game.

    Night 4: Akivar suicides, 6 (Deceiver) gets killed by MM.

    MM wins.

    Recommended Action

    Akivar: Watch List x2
    KristsN: Ignore

    Additional Notes
    Thank you for the report! Feel free to report more players if you think they’re breaking the rules!

    First, 7 wasn't even Jester so Triad could have easily won not leaving their houses so only 1 of them could die. However Akivar misunderstood everything without even knowing 7's role and left the game, leaving Triad a 50/50 chance of winning. Deceiver died that night, so they lost. If he hadn't left Triad would have got it 100% assured.

    Also, even if 7 was Jester Triad still would have had 50/50 chance of winning... so his ragequit would have made it a 0% chance. Bad decision.

    Regarding KristsN there's no Skyping indication. He just claims he's happy that he somehow won.

    Thank you Anonymous Donor

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