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    Ace: 1-S2-1-9759020

    In the attached game you will see this player claiming roles he is not while town. Clearly throwing, and generally spamming/being an idiot all game.

    battlenet:://starcraft/profile/1/11758140032760676352 Here is his bnet profile

    Ace- troll report game.SC2Replay

    I read through the guide and I am confused on how to get the player id stuff for the title so i posted a bnet link above.

    My ingame is peppy#1414 and I am in the maf discord if you wish to contact me :-)
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    Re: Ace: 1-S2-1-9759020

    ID Verification:
    Ace: 1-S2-1-9759020 Correct

    Players Added to Report:

    Ace: 3

    Ace chooses the name Ace is annoying and roles Jailor in slot 13

    D1: enters lw "Plot Twist: I AM ACE BITCHES!!! SUCK MY ASS FUCKERS!!!!!
    Chooses to jail 15

    N1: Demands role lw, 15 says Marshall. Ace trolls a bit threatening to lynch and then ultimately decides not to.

    D2: a judge reveals and lynches 5, the jester.

    N2: nothing

    D3: Marshall reveals and Ace pms him that he is the jailor who got him n1. 8 gets lynched so there is no jailing possible

    N3: nothing

    D4: 1 is accused of being the arson by a sheriff. 1 claims to have been bussed and asks who is the bus driver. Ace (a jailor) says "me". 2 then says that he is the bus driver. Ace replies "2 lies" "im the bus"
    Despite all of this, 1 gets voted and lynched anyway and flips Arson

    N4: nothing

    D5: claims to be bus again publicly, but pms the marshall "im the jailor who didn't kill you because im a bus driver"
    2 who also claimed bus gets voted up this day whilst Ace keeps spamming that he is the real bus driver. 2 is innoed and day ends with no lynch.
    Ace chooses to jail 6.

    N5: Asks 6 to give a role and gives him a time limit to reply. 6 responds a bit late that he is another jailor. Ace replies that he is the jailor and also the bus driver and executes.
    6 flips jailor. To be fair though, 6 gave no lw and there were no other jailor executions, so it's not like he was confirmed.

    D6: 2 was killed by the Sk and flips Bus Driver. Ace still continues to say that he is the bus driver publicly.
    The marshall now gets quite confused. As Ace has claimed to be both the jailor who jailed him n1 and the bus driver who swapped him, the marshall suddenly decides that Ace must be a hacker and the Serial Killer. Ace gets lynched and flips jailor.

    N6: SK kills marshall.

    D7: There is executioner, Serial Killer, and a confirmed crier left alive. Exec sides with town and votes SK. Sk is lynched. Town wins.

    In dead chat, Ace is having a great time laughing at the marshall for thinking he was hacking. Again remarks about how he's the jailor who is also bus driver.

    As the game ends he says "im the jailor who is bus driver; report me; it will make you happy; REPORT ME"

    Was the game result altered?
    No, the town still won. Still, his repeated insistence on being a bus driver caused much confusion and resulted in his own lynching despite being an easy to confirm jailor. This put the town in a losing position and they only ended up winning because an executioner chose to side with town.

    Player Offenses
    Ace: Reactionary Gamethrowing + Griefing

    Previous Offenses
    Ace: None

    Recommended Action
    WL X2

    Additional Notes
    Ace was not intentionally gamethrowing from the start - he jailed when he could, he pmed the marshall his real role when he first revealed, and he did not execute the marshall claim n1 despite clearly wanting to do so.

    That being said - his trolling progressively got worse throughout the game until it reached the point where players believed he was a "memory scan hacker" (whatever that is) based on the nonsense he was saying - effectively reaching the threshold for what I'd call griefing.

    Additionally, even after the bus driver Ace was stupidly counterclaiming was dead, he kept claiming bus driver and got himself put on the stand. Then, instead of properly defending himself he chose to keep trolling in reaction to the belief of some of the players that he was a hacker. This of course resulted in his lynch - and forced the town into a 1 neut benign, 1 serial killer, 1 crier situation. Although the neut benign ultimately sided with town and gave town the win, this does not excuse Ace from attempting to gamethrow there at the end.
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