Is getting killed due to metagaming griefing?

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    Is getting killed due to metagaming griefing?

    Ok, so during a lag where there was the sc2 chatbar that reveals everyone's names, I, like many other people on the server, began saying random things, and at the end it ended up with everyone spamming the lag chat. When the lag chat ended, i was still typing and i accidentally say 4-5 letters of gibberish into the mafia chat. A guy, knowing this is because I was spamming into the lag chat, said something to the effect of "I hate spammers. Let's lynch him" and I end up getting lynched. Would this be considered griefing, or is this legal behavior?

    It starts around 9:20 on the replay. I'm 10. And yes, this does make me frustrated as it was the 2nd time I was lynched for little reason in a row.

    Replay if you want to watch it:
    get executed for nothing.SC2Replay

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    Re: Is getting killed due to metagaming griefing?

    Honestly, You Had It Coming. I Don't Think It Is Griefing But It Is Definitely Not A Cool Move.
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    Re: Is getting killed due to metagaming griefing?

    I would say it's greifing if you are being targeted every game. This sounds to me like bunch of evils, managed to sheep the town into lynching you for a petty reason.

    Quote Originally Posted by Light_Yagami View Post
    Personally In My Opinion If Thats The Case.. You Accidentally Gave Yourself Away Using Lag Chat At All.. I Always Recommend Never Typing In The Lag Chat Box To Avoid Such Accidents..
    But what If your game name gives you away? Should we all use generic names and abandon our point benefits?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ash View Post
    Honestly, You Had It Coming. I Don't Think It Is Griefing But It Is Definitely Not A Cool Move.
    Why did he have it coming? Isn't spamming Lag chat to avoid lag cheaters a good thing to do?
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    Re: Is getting killed due to metagaming griefing?

    There is more to it than you just spamming lag chat then accidentally revealing yourself.

    You claim Mason Leader even tho Crier is already dead. Sure the setup allows for the potential of multiple Government roles but players are always hesitant to believe a second Government role claim, especially one that cannot confirm itself. It's also day 3, 6/8 of the confirmed Town slots are dead and there is no leads. What does the town usually do when there is no leads? They random vote. Out of the 6 people alive, there is 2 town left who both vote guilty along with the Forger. The odds that you were Triad/Mafia/Neutral were very high and they were right.

    Lag chat isn't something we can remove (as much as we would love to) so it's an unfortunate part of the game. Don't take part in it. I understand people lag cheat and you want to deter them but that's what we are here for. Report them and they will be punished.

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    Re: Is getting killed due to metagaming griefing?

    There is a terrible aspect of mafia which is the totally irrational human aspect. I have seen people get lynched for some really silly justifications over the years.

    I dont care to push too much regulation. Getting too crazy with telling players how they can play limits how players can play and on a basic level an argument has been made for a long time that there is already too much regulation.
    Quote Originally Posted by Helz View Post
    if we could just stop catering to the toxic attitude and apathy that has become the culture of this site.
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