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    Re: Beansprout : 1-S2-1-7936272

    Note that both replays above are the same game

    ID Verification:
    Beansprout: 1-S2-1-7936272 Correct

    Players Added to Report:

    Beansprout : e

    Loads up a save with scumbag and stump as confirmed roles and starts the game.
    Says "I have a good save" "like fun" "save" ""

    Was the game result altered?
    Yea. The game was ruined, considering most of the lobby didn't want to play anymore.

    Player Offenses
    Beansprout : Stump Save/Griefing

    Previous Offenses
    Beansprout : none

    Recommended Action
    WL x2

    Additional Notes
    Even though this guy has no previous offenses, the watchlisting should be given to make it clear that there is zero-tolerance policy for this.
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