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    MrFancyPants: 1-S2-1-10779759

    Account Name: MrFancyPants
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-10779759
    In-Game Name: Wilhelm Nye

    Crimes Committed: Gamethrowing

    Your Account Name: Tauntshaman
    Summary: Lynched most-likely veteran and then rage quit

    -Mafia- (791).SC2Replay

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    Re: MrFancyPants: 1-S2-1-10779759

    ID Verification:
    MrFancyPants: 1-S2-1-10779759 Correct

    Players Added to Report:

    MrFancyPants: cntrl 1

    Reporter Tauntshaman roles Veteran in slot 14 with name [MODERATOR]Tauntshaman
    MrFancyPants roles Marshall in slot 4 with name William Nye

    D1: The reporter Tauntshaman taunts MrFancyPants for having low points and calling him bad at mafia
    MrFancyPants responds with "I don't think those were his exact words but let's move on to the game at hand"

    N1: enters the LW "Killed by my own kind So fehck off." There is a veteran kill by Tauntshaman as a blackmailer visited him

    D2: Tauntshaman attempts to reveal he is the blackmailed veteran by spam voting a lot. Some players seem to interpret this instead as constituting trying to start a random lynch. MrFancyPants enters his lw as "10,14, need to die"

    N2: enters lw "10, 14, need to die." "7 is too quiet, 8 is 50/50 chance."

    D3: FancyPants reveals as marshall and asks for roles and lws.
    He seems to ignore the claims and votes 10 and then switches to 7 (people he had written about in his n2 lw) and 7 is lynched - who had given a lw that confirms that he executed 5 - not making him a 100% confirmed jailor but very unlikely to be a kidnapper given the dead blackmailer and the fact that a kidnapper would not waste kill on a coroner claim.

    After that first lynch, fancypants says "moment of truth." Then 14 says "hope marshall doesn't go on full retard mode" and 1 says "marsh already setting town up to fail"

    2nd lynch is player 1, who had simply pmed "roll is swiss roll", so that was a solid choice I guess. 1 ends up being executioner.

    After the 2nd lynch he looks at his last will for a few seconds (which only says "10, 14 need to die. 7 is too quiet. 8 is 50/50 chance.") then we get:

    3rd lynch is our reporter Tauntshaman (14) who was about 99% confirmed as the veteran given that he was the only vet claim and had claimed to be blackmailed the previous day after a vet killed the blackmailer.

    Meanwhile, there are players like 2 who gave him the pm "I lke big booty bois" instead of a roleclaim, or 10 whose lw would have been provably false after seeing that 1 was executioner.

    All of this lynching happens with FancyPants not even opening the log once to look back at what people claimed.

    After the lynches are over, he says "how do yall like it?" just before the day ends.

    Right after the last of the 3 lynch's roles are revealed he gives the lw "FUck townies, payback is a bitch" and then immediately quits the game.

    Game ultimately ends in a mafia victory.

    Was the game result altered?
    Probably - he killed 2 of the most powerful roles the town had and then killed himself, the most powerful role. With the veteran 14 already being confirmed it probably would have been quite easy for town to win if not for this play.

    Player Offenses
    MrFancyPants: Intentional Gamethrowing

    Previous Offenses
    MrFancyPants: none

    Recommended Action
    WL x2

    Additional Notes
    The part I bolded really tells the story here. I was reviewing this extra carefully because it is hard to draw the line between somebody just making a bad play by accident versus intentionally trying to screw up the game. That lw he gives right before leaving though really shows that he was doing all of this to get revenge for something that happened in a previous game.
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