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    FreshPrince 1-S2-1-1457211

    Account Name: FreshPrince
    Account ID: #-S2-1-1457211
    In-Game Name: - Othello (Hot key # 10)

    Crimes Committed - Intentional gamethrowing.

    Your Account Name: - MAGA
    Summary: - N2 Vigilante randomly kills and gets the Jailor. Who had been jailing the GF since N1. We discussed in the game that either Escort or Jailor should keep jailing or RB'ing the player they were because they were more than likely GF. So Othello randomly shoots and happens to kill the Jailor. At the start of the day I state that we should lynch the GF and not keep rbing. I call the Vigil out on being stupid and how he shouldn't randomly kill, and he sends me a PM saying that I am next. So I announce the fact that the Vigil threatened to kill me, and is throwing the game because he is mad I called him out on his stupidity. Since the Jailor could no longer keep the GF from killing people, I helped lead the vote to hang the GF, and did so successfully. Several other people say the same thing. So right before the day ends, he sends me another PM saying "see you tonight" and I told him, that I will report him if he kills me. Sure enough, I was killed by the Vigil.

    Killing off two of the town did in fact keep us from winning the game too.
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    Re: FreshPrince 1-S2-1-1457211

    1-S2-1-1457211 is Correct.

    Respective Hotkey:


    Previous Offenses:

    2 other griefing reports in process.

    Player Offenses:

    Key Points:
    Players in question:

    FreshPrince: Vigilante 10


    Setup: FP prefers Veteran, Vigilante, Jailor, and Jester. Three powerful town kill roles and one troll role.
    Names: None
    Roles: None
    D1: None
    N1: 10(VIGILANTE) can't shoot N1.
    D2: 4(AMNESIAC) is dead. Town agrees that GF was probably roleblocked(as the only death was by SK), to "Jail same" for confirmation, and then skips.
    N2: 10 shoots 15 on the basis of his name "Gay Furry" and updates his LW to that effect.
    D3: 13(Investigator) and 15(JAILOR) are dead. Other players call 10 out on this after he admits it. 10 whispers to 9 "You're next", which is clearly based on 9 telling 10 not to kill without confirmation. 5(GODFATHER) is hung.
    N3: 10 shoots 9 as he intended.
    D4: 8(MARSHALL) is dead to SK, and 9(DOCTOR) is dead to VIGILANTE and MAFIA. 1 is put on trial twice and gets killed the second time to flip FRAMER.
    N4: 10 has no bullets left.
    D5: 3(SHERIFF) is dead. The JUDGE courts and sends 11(DETECTIVE) off to be microwaved.
    N5: 10 still has no bullets, which is unfortunate because tonight the SERIAL KILLER pays him a visit.
    D6: 14(BUS DRIVER) and 10 are dead. Game state: Four players in game: GODFATHER(from COnsig), JUDGE, SERIAL KILLER, and unknown town. Town has lost. 12(GODFATHER) is hung. 6 rages out, presumably being the town and realizing his chance of winning is none.
    N6: The SERIAL KILLER wins, no matter who he kills, even nobody.
    D7: 6(SHERIFF) is dead. SERIAL KILLER wins with JUDGE.

    Was the game result altered?
    Absolutely. The Jailor could've kept the godfather on ice until they found the SERIAL KILLER, and then started executing. It would've slowed down the kills and given town much more of a chance. (That said, 9 was killed twice and was the last protective role other than Bus, who didn't target him the night he died, so that death was unavoidable.

    All in all this does meet my personal criteria for gamethrowing.


    2x WL

    Additional Notes:
    Thank you for the report!
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    Re: FreshPrince 1-S2-1-1457211

    It's definitely obvious you killed the guy because you were mad about being called dumb for randomly killing. You have killed people many times before because you were mad about something they said, or because of their name. Which isn't how the game should be played.. A WL is reasonable for sure.

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    Re: FreshPrince 1-S2-1-1457211

    1-S2-1-1457211 is Correct.

    Respective Hotkey:

    Previous Offenses:
    Role-quitting On Hold
    Griefing 2x Watchlist
    Game-throwing 2x Watchlist

    Player Offenses:

    Key Points:
    FreshPrince randomly shoots the player Gay Furry for no reason other than their name. I do not believe suspicion on this slot was a true factor in the decision to shoot him as Gay Furry was providing very sound input (no Mafia kill so he suggested to re-jail and role-block since GF isn't immune to it). His LW here indicates he wants to kill "found my gun, time to lay some niggas out", evidently with no cause

    After Gay Furry reveals to have been killed by a Vigilante, another play talks about how a Vigilante should not shoot without information. FreshPrince PM's that player saying "you're next" "see you soon". FreshPrince shoots this player

    FreshPrince has no more bullets and the game carries on.

    Was the game result altered?

    Time served, no repeal of infraction.

    Additional Notes:
    Offense changed to griefing.

    FreshPrince intentionally threw caution out the window and wanted to just shoot people for the fun of it, not to confirm roles or suspected Mafia.
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    Re: FreshPrince 1-S2-1-1457211

    I respect what the staff do here, but if playing recklessly is a punishable offense, you should probably go ahead and ban about 80 percent of the mafia community. The actions taken here happen constantly (reckless play) and to my knowledge aren't punishable, for good reason. The punishment in this match came from the verbal component essentially.

    The lesson here is to keep your cards close to your chest, and the lesson is well learned Zenosama. The next time I suspect there's a chance you (or anyone) could be evil and decide to kill, I'll leave out any form of verbal trolling, just a number noted in the last will and move on.
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    Re: FreshPrince 1-S2-1-1457211

    Quote Originally Posted by Zenosama View Post
    It isn't your first time killing people because you didn't like their name, their character, or what they said lol. Just don't be a baby and kill people because you're mad and we'll be alright bud.
    You weren't confirmed town at all, you could have easily been an evil role, and you were a random name so it wasn't player persecution. Whether or not it was reckless, people do this shit every day, in pretty much every game. I made the mistake of trolling along with the shots taken, but like I said, that won't happen next time.

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