How did Distorted do?

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    Smile How did Distorted do?

    Hi, I'm just checking in because I remembered there was that FM tournament between different FM websites and Distorted was voted to represent SC2Mafia.

    Just wanted to ask how it went. Was a big fan of his FM skillz.

    Obviously, there is that info somewhere, probably, on the forum available. But I haven't been here at all, so it would be a lot of digging for me just to find it. Figured it would be just easier for me to ask. :P
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    Re: How did Distorted do?

    Yep, just follow Disto's sig lol, or this.

    Also HI AGAIN
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    Re: How did Distorted do?

    Did well actually and got a good name for it there xD I can send you the feedback and link to the game if you're interested. The feedback is honestly hilarious (there is a lot of it)- just message me in the discord! They did a good job putting that event together, it was a lot of fun; even spectating the other games ect.
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    Re: How did Distorted do?

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    General Hankerchief was damn good lol Very solid at reading. We had a fun time haha He actually ended up winning the whole tournament in the end =P
    Im Better Than General Towel And That Tournament Was Lame Af

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