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    Zaqazdeath 1-S2-1-3996523

    Account Name: Zaqazdeath
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-3996523
    In Game Name: Healz
    Crimes Committed: Hacking or Skyping I'm not sure which

    Your Account Name: Renegade


    Player 2 was a veteran. As day 2 starts, he immediately knows who was targeted by triad. Similarly for day 3. He publicly reveals this information and then uses this information to claim spy.

    He is either skyping with the 2 spies who were in game or is hacking in some fashion. No person who was a spy ever PMED him.

    This is flagrant cheating.

    -Mafia- (768).SC2Replay

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    ZaqazDeath: 1-s2-1-3996523

    Account Name: ZaqazDeath
    Account ID: 1-s2-1-3996523
    In-Game Name: Healz

    Crimes Committed: hacking, skyping, multi accounts...

    Your Account Name: dooglrig
    Summary: as vet, claims spy n2, gives legit spy lw.

    i think its a multiaccount problem. i saw tactless and ghost doing strange things the game before. also tactless was forger in this game. i think thats the source of the vet knowledge.

    -Mafia- (174).SC2Replay

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    Re: Zaqazdeath 1-S2-1-3996523


    ZaqazDeath: Correct. 1-S2-1-3996523

    Respective Hotkeys

    ZaqazDeath: 8

    Was the Game Result altered?

    Previous Offenses

    ZaqazDeath: Point Ban (2013) http://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showth...hlight=3996523

    Player Offenses

    ZaqazDeath: Hacking


    Names / Roles: ZaqazDeath names himself "Healz" and roles Veteran.

    Day 1: -

    Night 1: ZaqazDeath alerts. Doesn't kill anyone.

    Day 2: ZaqazDeath starts the day saying that Moogles and Heal me were visited (Heal me was attacked and moogles was investigated.). He has no way of knowing this information (specially that moogles got visited).

    Night 2: He alerts. Doesn't kill anyone.

    [The Forger is executed this night so he didn't have access to night chat, which proves that he wasn't skyping with ZaqazDeath. Finally, the only 2 Triad players remaining are Renegade and FreshPrince, which I find quite unlikely that they have skyped with a random player with an active Point Ban.]

    One Spy is also killed this night. He still receives feedback, so the only possible Skyping is with this player. The only other option is the second Spy.

    Day 3: ZaqazDeath spams "Triad hit Nuncio and visited Piero" which is correct. Again, no way of knowing this information. People say to lynch him as it's impossible for there to be 2 spies. ZaqazDeath responds trying to get 13 lynched.

    Night 3: ZaqazDeath alerts, kills 11.

    Day 4: When day starts ZaqazDeath spams that he's Veteran and he just killed someone. He says to get 13, which accuses him of being Hacking. While 13 is being executed ZaqazDeath claims that he was PMed by the Spy and that's how he knew that information. This is false, he was never PMed by any Spy and provided the feedback immediately after Day Start.

    Triad eventually wins.

    Recommended Action

    ZaqazDeath: PermaBan

    Additional Notes
    Thank you for the report! Feel free to report more players if you think they’re breaking the rules!

    There are two possibilities. Either Jungle, the second Spy was Skyping with this player or ZaqazDeath was pure Hacking. I don't believe the first Spy could be Skyping because he's doolrig, one of the reports and an active member in the Reports section.

    Jungle and ZaqazDeath were together in the lobby, and Jungle continously supported ZaqazDeath (however, he did it using with some "evidence" regarding the setup and the possibility of there being 3 Spies). ZaqazDeath didn't point out that 14 was visited because it was visited by a Detection-inmune Forger which even the Spies couldn't see, so I find it plausible that he could only know what Jungler told him.

    Finally, even if there are certain things that suggest Jungle and ZaqazDeath skyping, I do not consider we can prove it 100%. Therefore, I'd suggest Permabanning ZaqazDeath and if he comes and claims that he was "only Skyping" then we take different actions.

    Thank you Anonymous Donor

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