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    FM: Daredevil

    The battle for the soul of Hell's Kitchen has begun. Three major players jockey for power in the Manhattan neighborhood.

    The players
    - Matthew Murdock: The Daredevil
    Lawyer by day and hero by night- Matt Murdock uses the powers of the legal system to chase true justice for all the citizens of Hell's Kitchen, but when the system fails him he can turn to his radar senses and Caste combat training to find results the law simply won't allow.
    - Wilson Fisk: The Kingpin
    The Kingpin of a secretive crime family, operating in contest to Matthew, Wilson is a proud member of Hell's Kitchen funneling money and support into the citizens of the neighborhood, but by night he uses his endless stream of villainous connections to keep his hand in the driver seat of all crime. From political extortion to a seemingly random mugging. It is all by design, and the law knows it... they just never have enough to catch him.
    - Frank Castle: The Punisher
    Ex-Marine extraordinaire Frank was burned by the same secret covert operations he worked under in the military. They tried to kill him in an attempt to cover up their crimes. Tried. The Punisher has begun ending criminal lives in a Vigilante quest to snuff out evil wherever it burns. With public renounce for how effective he operates the citizens of Hells Kitchen turn to him to be the hand of god they need in these rough times.

    Key Mechanics
    - Corruption: Every player has a unique internal corruption counter, that can go up by interaction with the Kingpin crime organization. They will start between 0 and 4, and when they reach 5 you will become corrupt and aligned with the Kingpin.

    Matthew Murdock : The Daredevil
    At the end of day following no lynch you may jail a target, removing them from any night chats they are affiliated with, protecting them from night kills, role blocking them, and allowing you to anonymously question them. You can also choose to inspect them, but you can only do it one time per player.
    During night you may also watch a target player's actions or home, either learning all the players that they visited and visited them or all the players that visited their home.
    At the end of night you will also receive feedback of which players tried to use a night action against you, and if you are timely you can choose to dodge these actions avoiding the affect and the feedback.
    You can only be killed at night once Foggy and Karen are dead or corrupt.
    Wilson Fisk : The Kingpin
    You are revealed to all players at the beginning of day 1. You are immune to role blocking, killing, lynching, and all roles that impact you as long as you have allies left in game.
    You know the names of all currently corrupt members of the game.
    At the end of the day you may choose to invite any number of players to a night chat that will be accessible permanently.
    You may also place fake accounts into these chats that you or an ally can control.
    At night you may override any of your organizations actions, and send any of them for the corruption action or night kill following a lynch.
    Frank Castle : The Punisher
    You are a Veteran turned Vigilante. You kill all visitors that enter your home at night, along with being able to shoot and kill a target.
    If you are lynched you get 1 Escape out to a new anonymous account. If it take you will remain a Vigilante but lose the Veteran ability.
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