S-FM: Converging Realities (13 Players)

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    S-FM: Converging Realities (13 Players)

    This S-FM starts as two separate S-FMs with semi-hidden setups with the same group of players participating in each of the FMs. The FMs are synchronized with 72 hour days and 24 hour nights. These two FMs are referred to as "realities". The two setups are, for the most part, independent from one another and a players role/alignment in one of the setups will likely not match with what they are in the other. One thread will be named realityA and one will be named realityB.

    Example (just for explanation purposes, the setups in game are going to be hidden):

    realityA Player realityB
    Witch Player1 Godfather
    Cult Leader Player2 Sheriff
    Serial Killer Player3 Citizen
    Vigilante Player4 Mafioso
    Vigilante Player5 Citizen
    Vigilante Player6 Citizen
    Citizen Player7 Framer
    Citizen Player8 Vigilante
    Citizen Player9 Doctor
    Citizen Player10 Escort
    Citizen Player11 Citizen
    Citizen Player12 Citizen
    Citizen Player13 Citizen

    The only special rule that is common between the two threads is that the graveyard is hidden; roles are not revealed when a player dies.

    Given Setup (Both Realities)

    Spoiler : Setup :
    Hidden Mafia
    Hidden Mafia

    Hidden Any
    Hidden Any
    Hidden Any

    Hidden Town
    Hidden Town
    Hidden Town
    Hidden Town
    Hidden Town
    Hidden Town
    Hidden Town
    Hidden Town
    The Convergence

    At the start of day 3, both FMs will be locked and a public vote will take place outside of either threads. Players can vote for either realityA or realityB:

    -Players alive in both realities get 2 votes
    -Players alive in one reality get 1 vote
    -Players alive in neither reality get no votes and cannot participate at all in the vote.

    Whichever reality gets the most votes becomes the "canon" reality and whichever does not becomes the "dead" reality. Keep in mind that due to the hidden graveyard, town aligned players in a reality can only guess how well they are doing.

    -In the dead reality, the game ends. The roles of dead players in that reality are revealed. The roles of living players remain hidden.
    -In the canon reality, the graveyard is revealed and the game continues as normal on day 3, with days reduced to 48 hours.

    Once a resolution is reached in the cannon reality, the game ends, and each player is declared victorious/defeated purely based off of the results of the canon reality.

    Specaial Roles/Keywords

    Spoiler : Reality Consitency Sheriff :
    -Check a player each night
    -If a sheriff investigate would return the same result on the player for both realities, recieve "match" as your feedback.
    -If a sheriff investigate would return different feedback on the player for both realties, recieve "no match" as your feedback.

    Spoiler : "Cross Reality" keyword :
    -When using a night action, you may choose to target a player from the other reality, applying the effects of that action as if you were in that reality.

    Spoiler : "Dual Reality" keyword :
    -When using a night action, apply the effects of that night action to target player in both realities if able.
    -If this keyword is on a detective, lookout or similar role, the feedback they receive from the two realities are not differentiated (Ex. If a dual reality detective targets player 1, who visits player 2 in reality A and player 3 in reality B, the detective would receive the feedback "Your target visited player 2 and player 3".

    General rules:
    All the typical FM rules apply. This includes…

    1. Do not have outside discussion about the game while still alive.
    2. You are expected to make at least 10 posts each day cycle that at least have some relevance to the game. Host discretion may occur depending on the situation.
    3. Do not edit your posts.
    4. Do not post screenshots, especially showing your role card.
    5. Do not attempt to cheat. This is fairly broad, but everyone should understand what will be considered acceptable conduct, and attempts to circumvent the rules in ways that are clearly against the spirit of the game will be punished.
    6. Admins cannot use their mod powers to reveal information that would not otherwise be available.
    7. You are allowed to give details on your role card, but do not post it word for word.

    Failure to follow these rules will result in some combination of forced replacement, getting modkilled and/or getting blacklisted from future FMs.

    Order of Operations, unless otherwise specified in rolecard (stolen from Cryptonic):
    1. Roleblocking.
    2. Proactive Redirection (Ex. Witch)
    3. Reactive Redirection (Ex. Bus Driver)
    4. All Attacks.
    5. Heals.
    6. Vests.
    7. All Others.

    Additional Rules

    1) The host reserves the right to add uncommon or unique roles to the setup in addition to the special roles/keywords given above. However...
    2) The following mechanics will NOT exist in the setup:
    • Roles which must die to fulfill their win condition (ex: Jester)
    • Roles which can win with different opposing factions (ex: Survivor)
    • Roles that cause other players to change alignments (ex: Cult Leader)

    3) Cause of death will not be given pre-convergence but will be given post-convergence, including the cause of death for people who died prior to the convergence in both realities.
    4) No last wills or death notes.
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    Re: S-FM: Converging Realities

    Quote Originally Posted by Gerik View Post
    What happens to the realities in the case of a tie vote? I'm guessing you'll just random between them, but I want there to be some kind of weird AB hybrid reality.
    I'll post more of the fine details closer to the time that I'll host it, but in the case that both options get a tie vote with x votes, whichever option obtained x votes first will become canon.
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    Re: S-FM: Converging Realities

    Quote Originally Posted by Auckmid View Post
    I'll post more of the fine details closer to the time that I'll host it, but in the case that both options get a tie vote with x votes, whichever option obtained x votes first will become cannon.
    What about my head cannon

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