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    Youtube rewind 2018

    I watched this yesterday.
    This video was the worst video on youtube i ever watched. The awful kpop music mixed with trash like fornite and not mentioning the really important stuff in the video? I mean, no Stan Lee, no Pewdiepie vs TSeries, no Thanos snap, no Distorted's favourite youtuber "life of boris", no Ben Sharpeo. I'd be even happy if they mention Logan Paul's suicide forest.

    BUT NO!

    They mentioned some crap youtubers that noone knows and cares about. They put many koreans and girls just because "We won't look racist and sexist". Seriously? The girls and koreans did lack of contribution to the youtube. Put PewDiePie? But TSeries? No, they put the pepole that we all don't know lol, proably some kids and SJWs know. They even mentioned Ninja which isn't even a youtuber, he's a twich streamer.

    So i'm gonna say: the whole rewind is about fornite, Korea, Feminism and SJWs.
    Rest in peace youtube. The old youtube that we know will never bring back, because SJWs and normies exist.

    I'm scared what will be in 2019, there will be only korean girls doing fornite dances for 10 hours.
    Spoiler : The video :

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    Re: Youtube rewind 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by creedkingsx View Post
    I, too, like spoon feeding myself actual cancer.
    Its amazing if you treat it as satire. Lots of entertainment

    Quote Originally Posted by S-FM Blue Masquerader View Post
    Hey moron. shut the fuck up or I will shut you up, k? I'm not the person your going to insult and live happily ever after. K? Understand that,

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