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    Re: How many players are actually from Aus here?

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    Dang 3 queenslanders. Let's roll south into the latte sipping state, yelling 1-0 while we pass through new south wales, and king hit this fuuton fella
    We'll send Bob Brown up

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    Re: How many players are actually from Aus here?

    Quote Originally Posted by Iced_Monopoly View Post
    QLD represent. Born Townsville, grewup Cairns, living in Brisbane. Nothing like being in the white trash state ❤️
    Quote Originally Posted by Thingyman from MU
    Why you joined/stay on the staff:
    I've made a mistake and there's no way out now. This site will, at minimum, last until we've found aliens on other planets and forced them to play here. It won't truly be Mafia Universe until then. I suspect we may already have one or two aliens amongst us though, but they might also just be Australians, I'm not sure.


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    There are two wolves inside you. One is addicted to crack. The other one is also addicted to crack. You are addicted to crack.
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    Besides your lamp and your refridgerators, do you find anyone else suspicious?
    Quote Originally Posted by aamirus View Post
    I want to drink your blood, vomit it out, and then spell out the words "FAKE BITCH" with it

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    Re: How many players are actually from Aus here?

    what's an aus

    is that some kind of assault rifle
    Quote Originally Posted by yzb25 View Post
    FUCK you have no idea how many marshmallows I just swallowed. I opened my mouth far too wide and ended up swallowing a shittonne of those bad boys all at once. I can still feel it all slowly sinking down my throat.
    Quote Originally Posted by naz View Post
    tbh its probs stealth just bc he can never seem to not roll 3p
    Hopefully you'll get banned and hit by a truck.



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