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    Re: becoming mafioso

    Quote Originally Posted by dooglrig View Post
    i saw deception becoming mafioso with another support, and vice versa. so i guess its random between deception and support.
    i saw disguiser (with kill left) stay disguiser (only mafia left), but someone ingame told me he once became mafioso as kidnapper with another deception left.
    For 2 roles at the same level I think it goes by player number at that point just because of linear searching
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    Re: becoming mafioso

    i took a closer look at my last game where gf died first and came to the conclusion that there is no pattern with roles or classes, but it is only based on the position in the ingame lobby. whoever was higher there, always became mafiso. based on 10 game.

    ps.: never saw a disguiser or kidnapper with kill left become mafiosi yet.

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