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Thread: Carl and Fuuton

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    Carl and Fuuton

    For the last few games I've played, Carl constantly calls me out as an evil role (ONLY WHEN I ACTUALLY AM). You can see he writes in his will as MAYOR on day 1 I'm evil and gets me lynched. I flipped framer randomly.

    Carl is a clear hacker and needs to be punished accordingly. Also I apologise for the admin threatening- I just did that to annoy him. With no proof he does this every game and tells people I use "-prefer" which is false. Also the -prefer function hasn't worked in a while.

    Carl ID: 1-S2-178026578
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    Re: Carl-HACKING + Griefing 1-S2-178026578

    -Mafia- (267).SC2Replay

    Figured I'd add a full replay to this report, since it may or may not yield more fruit to whoever reviews this.


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    Re: Carl-HACKING + Griefing 1-S2-178026578

    Quote Originally Posted by AIVION View Post
    -Mafia- (267).SC2Replay

    Figured I'd add a full replay to this report, since it may or may not yield more fruit to whoever reviews this.

    Oh hello. Didn't realise you were in this game. Was anything else unearthed? I just quit since he's done this to me 2/3 times and "always" seems to know I'm an evil role.

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    Re: Carl-HACKING + Griefing 1-S2-178026578

    1-S2-1-7802658 is Correct.

    Respective Hotkey:


    Previous Offenses:

    2x banlist is most severe listed.

    Player Offenses:


    Key Points:
    Players in question:

    Carl rolls MAYOR in slot 9.


    Setup: None
    Names: None
    Roles: None
    D1: None
    N1: 9(MAYOR) checks stats, then adds "13 must die" to his LW, correctly identifying the reporter as evil on no information.
    D2: 5(JAILOR) is dead. 9 says "FUUTON MUST DIE" then identifies 13 as Fuuton. 13(FRAMER) is hung on the mayor's word after he reveals. Identifying a BNet name, yeah, pretty sure there's hacking going on here,especially since Fuuton admitted in mafia chat that his regular name was taken.
    N2: Night
    D3: 1(DOCTOR) is dead, and 14(BLACKMAILER) is hung.
    N3: Night
    D4: 3(LOOKOUT) is dead. 9 suggests 12(ARSONIST) is evil, 12 quits. 6(JESTER) is hung.
    N4: Night
    D5: 11(JAILOR), 12, are dead. 2(BODYGUARD) is hung.
    N5: Night
    D6: 9 is dead. 10(GODFATHER) is hung, ending the game in a TOWN win.

    Was the game result altered?



    Additional Notes:
    Thank you for the report!
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    Re: Carl-HACKING + Griefing 1-S2-178026578

    @Arrow @Helz @Gyrlander @AIVION

    He just did the same thing again. I accidentally PM'd him a link though LOL (didn't know he was mayor) instead of posting LW. This was given to the host prior to boot him which he didn't (hence it was on control v)

    Immediately lynched me as confirmed lookout with "bye fuuton"
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    Re: Carl-HACKING + Griefing 1-S2-178026578

    Fuuton always uses the same colour scheme. In this game he uses the name Sarah instead of Melinda. This isn't exactly rocket science to figure out.

    Fuuton is almost ALWAYS an evil or neutral role.

    Do you want me to submit replays of the colour scheme and amount of times this guy is an evil/neut role?

    I can't believe I've been banned over this.

    Fuuton has been harrassing me NON STOP every time he plays, says he's going to admin ban people and yet I'm the bad guy.

    If I was a hacker I would have killed him in every single game when who he was isn't apparent, which hasn't happened.

    How can this bullshit be redressed?

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    Re: Carl-HACKING + Griefing 1-S2-178026578

    Also, I've reported Fuuton multiple times for issues he has done against me and nothing has been done about it.

    Fuuton has had an issue with me for a long time and will use anything to get me banned, as has been demonstrated.

    Would you like me to show you similar replays where players has killed me, knowing it was me, despite me not being an account name?

    You can tell by behaviour, writing style, saltiness in Fuuton's case who people are most of the time when you play enough.

    Have you guys seriously not played SC2 Mafia before?

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    Re: Carl-HACKING + Griefing 1-S2-178026578


    I don't understand why you have banned me for hacking.

    It is quite obvious in the replay who Fuuton is because he uses the same colour scheme in almost every game. Instead of the name Melinda, he instead used the name Sarah in the same colour scheme for this game. This is quite obvious who the player is when they always have the same colour scheme, name, mannerisms, etc.

    As for knowing he was an evil role, I didn't. 90% of the time Fuuton is an evil role from my experience. Fuuton has also spammed that I was an evil role to have me lynched on multiple occasions, regardless of my alignment, yet it is obvious he isn't hacking and is just an ass.

    He has used this replay as an excuse to mislead the SC2 Mafia Admin team into believing I'm a hacker. Fuuton does this because he is a very spiteful person who, in my opinion, has serious mental issues regarding control and power.

    I have reported Fuuton multiple times for griefing, him saying he's going to ban me when he's an admin, as well as all sorts of other behaviour. He has mislead people to remove me from lobbies because of his personal feelings towards me. He's also spammed that I am an evil role, when I was town, in multiple games to have me removed from it.

    If you wish I can show you multiple replays and screen shots of his consistent colour scheme, him being evil roles when I've played, his give away mannerisms, his griefing against me, him setting me up for being lynched as an evil role without him knowing it, among other things.

    I don't see why I have been perma-banned for something that is quite obvious to observe when you have all the information available.

    Also, if I was a hacker I like to think I'd have a better win-lose ratio.



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    Re: Carl-HACKING + Griefing 1-S2-178026578

    Hi all,

    Here a small amount of evidence for you to consider in my request for an appeal.

    Evidence of Fuuton's regular colour scheme attached (1499, 1479, 1472, 1467, 1464).

    Evidence of Fuuton's regular naming convention attached - i.e. female one word name (1499, 1479, 1472, 1467, 1464).

    Evidence of Fuuton using the Sarah name previously with colour convention (1464).

    Evidence of Fuuton's mannerisms attached - you're all ugly, bye Felicia, etc (1472, can find more if required just sick of going though replays atm).

    Evidence of Fuuton spamming to lynch me when I'm town and claiming I'm an evil role (1472).

    Evidence of Fuuton claiming I always prefer evil roles. He can say it and I can't? Saying this is part of why I've been banned. (1472)

    Evidence of Fuuton griefing me attached - see pictures.

    Evidence of Fuuton saying he's going to ban me attached (1474).

    Evidence of my typical gameplay when its not obvious who people are using deductive reasoning, game familiarity and in-game leads (1518, 1504, 1466).

    Knowing my enemy, knowing game mechanics and being familiar with the regular SC2 Mafia players's in-game names, colour schemes, mannerisms, play styles, etc, is how I win games.

    Can the perma-ban decision be appealed now that you have a full understanding of how I knew who Fuuton was and why I claimed he was evil?

    This is exactly like people knowing who I am in-game because I use the Diablo model - they are familiar with what model I use and how I play.



    -Mafia- (1499).SC2Replay-Mafia- (1479).SC2Replay-Mafia- (1472).SC2Replay-Mafia- (1467).SC2Replay-Mafia- (1464).SC2Replay-Mafia- (1518).SC2Replay-Mafia- (1504).SC2Replay-Mafia- (1466).SC2Replay

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    Re: Carl-HACKING + Griefing 1-S2-178026578

    I'd like to add to the record.

    It has been an ongoing battle between these two. Harassing one another mainly Fuuton being the instigator bragging about the process of this report to Carl and other members in mafia lobby. To me, I feel Fuuton is very upset to the point where his objective was to get Carl banned and removed from the Sc2 community by demanding a speedy trial w mentioning Arrow and other smods. I cannot say whether if Fuuton or Carl were hacking or not, but I do witness a personal biased against each other. Both are good players and always active, but this fighting between the two needs to stop. If Carl was actually hacking then give him the punishment, but if not give him something else.

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    Re: Carl-HACKING + Griefing 1-S2-178026578

    I'm going to say that I've played with Carl and Fuuton before and I don't believe I've ever seen them hack.

    If I recall correctly, Fuuton does indeed tend to select coloured names, has specific quotes and mannerism (and typically uses the Executioner colour code), which may be what clued Carl in as to Fuuton's identity in-game. It's important to note that since they seem to hold a grudge against one another they might be better at identifying one another in-game. So Fuuton might just've figured out who Carl was based on subtle behavioural patterns he himself may be unaware of. So it's not necessarily the case that Fuuton was hacking either.

    Along another line of thought, is there any punishment for posting frivolous reports out of spite for a player (in hopes of getting them banned), even if you think they didn't actually do anything wrong? I don't necessarily mean in-game punishment, rather something like an infraction.
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