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    What is Perspective exactly? (This post will be primarily speaking about Townsplayers viewpoints.)
    1a : a mental view or prospect to gain a broader perspective on the international scene — Current Biography
    2a : the interrelation in which a subject or its parts are mentally viewed places the issues in proper perspective also : point of view
    b : the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance trying to maintain my perspective (1)

    Primarily we divide the game into two aspects; Town vs Scum/Villager vs Wolf and with those two opposing factions we categorize behavior accordingly. We set a fundamental ideal on how to play both sides of the match. Typically the townspeople are tasked with finding slips in a players post that hint at alignment, and convince the rest of the group to lynch the target. They systematically work through the group of players they are playing with until they successfully defeat the opposition(Mafia, Neutral Killers, etc). The crux of playing this alignment is a players skill at constructing a solid and logical argument/swaying public opinion to their goals coupled with the ability to successfully find slips/tells in a players methods/posts/tendencies. It is also important to avoid being lynched as mafia/wolf while slowing the process of information gathering and analysis of the townspeople. You can do this by spreading misinformation or undermining a players influence in the daychat(by pointing out logical fallacy as an example).
    Winning games (as both town and mafia) is the result of lynching members of the opposing team. Lynching members of the opposing team requires getting a sufficient number of votes on individual members of the opposing team at the same time.

    Let's pause for a moment and consider the ways you can get votes onto members of the opposing team.

    1) Avoiding votes (and a lynch) on yourself.

    2) Making correct reads (as town) and voting correctly.

    3) Influencing other players to vote correctly (if you're town) or incorrectly (if you're mafia).

    The first point is self-explanatory. A lynch on yourself is not a lynch on the opposing team, and there are a fixed number of lynches available. Your lynch takes away one chance at lynching someone on the other team. The second point also needs no discussion. The third point could be expanded:

    3a) Directly influencing other players' votes.

    3b) Indirectly influencing other players' votes.

    Sometimes you will state your reads and attempt to persuade others that you are right by presenting your evidence and arguing for it. This is direct influence. With indirect influence you attempt to affect players' underlying reads which affect how they vote for the rest of the game. Let's break that down further:

    3bI) Creating new information (via bandwagons, interactions, Q&A, etc)

    3bII) Influencing the analysis of existing information.(2)

    We move on to making posts itself and the information that is gathered from posts made. Townsplayers are more invested in gaining information and gaining a large vast of it to make accurate reads and accurate lynches. Townsplayers shouldn't be afraid to post in the daychat and typically are encouraged to provide their thoughts and reactions to the events that unfold during the games duration. This information gathering gradually turns into analysis that a player utilizes to lead/support a bandwagon. It is important to remember that you are playing towards your win-condition with every post that you make during the day and actions you take during the night. It is highly recommended that you take notes on a games proceedings, due to the fact that relying on memory is highly inconsistent. It is not required that everyone be the Town Leader and that everyone makes highly intelligent analytical posts or break open the game by calculating the numbers of potential mislynches left or voting patterns of a select few players. Even posting a set of reads that you have can be used to gain clarity for the consensus. Townsplayers most valuable tool is the daychat combined with their numbers make sure that you utilize it.
    You might ask some questions or create some interactions between other players which don't gain significance until certain roles are revealed, which could indirectly help your teammates vote correctly even after you've died. You might bandwagon a player who you don't intend to lynch just to create more voting data. As mafia, you want to manage your interactions with other players to create false trails for the town to follow so that they vote wrong at the end.

    if you have a read that is wrong, you may lead your teammates to develop a correct read by laying out all of your evidence and analysis clearly enough that they realize you are misinterpreting it. As mafia, you can be selective in which things you call attention to so that people waste time analyzing things which appear important but are unlikely to lead them to correct conclusions. (2)

    With that being said you should also be wary of Information Overload. As a baseline rule it has been an accepted fact that the more information you have the better/informed a choice you can make. With this in mind games can reach post counts of 2400K in a matter of days. As an example the FM XX, hosted by Elixir has a post count of 4213 posts in day chats alone and S-FM turnabout, still ongoing, has a count of 2953. Players have reached the consensus that making a series of rapid posts is a solid way of clearing their name and we have all seen the quote bomb posts that players make. Quoting all 65 posts that a player makes and giving a reaction to them individually has been accepted as analysis. These posts fail for many reasons. First, they contain dozens of quotes which aren't useful for analysis. The reader must sift through all of these quotes while trying to find the meat of the case. Second, the quotes are often shown with few or no clues as to the context they were posted in, requiring the reader to do his own research to analyze them and check your conclusions. This defeats the purpose of having posted a massive wall of text in the first place. Third, this post-bomb is generally dropped randomly into the middle of an ongoing discussion in the thread, completely breaking up the flow of the thread, demanding that the reader abandon the existing conversation for an extended period of time to process your post. Most people will intuitively realize that carefully reading the entire post is unlikely to be a good use of time, and just skim it quickly instead. Fourth, this type of post has been a favorite of scum since the beginning of time, precisely for the reason that it looks like a lot of good work yet is pretty easy to do because most of the commentary is meaningless.(3)

    It is imperative that townsplayers learn to manage and organize their reads/analysis in a concise manner. This will assist your teammates in quickly and easily processing what you are actually trying to say. Another problem in posting is when a player insists on responding to every other posts while catching up. This creates clutter in the daychat and historically spirals into chaos. Reading and catching up on the daychat does not mean that a player needs to respond to every question or event when the answer could lie further down the thread. Townies must keep in mind that their goal is to identify and lynch all of the mafia. Demonstrating to others that you are a townie is one component of the game, but it should not overshadow your responsibility to figure out the roles of the other players. This is done primarily by reading, not by writing.(3)

    Spoiler : Perspective Definition (1) :

    Spoiler : Skill - Soah(2) :

    Spoiler : Information Overload - Soah (3) :

    Spoiler : Psychoanalysis - QUICK :

    I was asked to make this subject thread to offer up my thoughts and opinion and with the intention that this post be a discussion point that as a community we can expand upon or critique. I provided a few links that I found helpful during my first few steps into the game and i still go back and refresh my memory to this day. They might be helpful for you as well.
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