[Other] Mafia will not load to setup screen

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    Mafia will not load to setup screen

    Hi guys,

    So since Tuesday's patch, I've been unable to load Mafia past the loading screen. What happens is it'll load about 75% then stop for 3-4 minutes until picking up again. But when it does, it just takes me to a score screen, not sure why this is happening.

    In loading screen
    computer ends up "not responding" then loads
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    Re: Mafia will not load to setup screen

    Hmm, this was happening once before to the entire SC2 Arcade, where you’d just randomly get booted out like that, so you might want to see if other maps are working fine for you. Only other thing I can think of is that you might be getting kicked for lagging out at the start of the game? Try starting a game by yourself?
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    Re: Mafia will not load to setup screen

    It might also have something to do with the latest patch.

    I remember that at one time, in a game played right after the patch, day 2 and night 1 were skipped.

    The game has extremely complex coding behind it, and Blizzard patches tend to fuck it up more often than other games.
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