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Thread: Poker Mafia!

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    Re: Poker Mafia!

    First note: Your combinations don't know what they are doing with themselves.

    For Town you have Vigilante, and Jailor, two of the strongest roles for Town, not in the top 2 spots. If in your opinion Mayor is the best town role because it will reveal someone as Mayor and they will always be confirmed town then that is fine at 1, but you'd be better off ranking the roles by the ability for the night power to drastically swing a game. The Town is probably best off having good odds at a Doctor and a Sheriff every night, with the killin roles being harder to come by because of the scale of their power.

    I would suggest you organize Town as Citizen, Bonus Swap, Doctor, Sheriff, Detective/Lookout, Bus Driver, Vigilante, Jailor, Mayor, Vermin Supreme. This will give the Town the highest odds of getting the investigation and defense that they need to win a game, while keeping the roles they are most likely to get dependent on good play rather than a point and click to win. If you won't make this adjustment please explain why you prefer your organization that even, unironically, begs the town to not be dumb if they roll Vigilante.

    For Mafia the setup is similar in that youd rather get consistent benefit with the risk of too powerful of roles being higher up. I would arrange them as such: Scumbag, Bonus Swap, Blackmailer, Consort, Beguiler, Witch, Bruiser, Kidnapper, Judge, Vermin Supreme.

    Blackmailer is a good role that Mafia can always benefit from, however the blackmailed player needs to be able to vote after their 5th post.
    Agent offers the Mafia almost no benefit because they can't REALLY town hunt if the Town is going to swap roles every night, so as that offers a value of 0 I've removed it from my recommended list.
    Janitor is also nearly useless as all players "shot by the Mafia" are likely to be the same shared town role. This is a 0 value.
    Consort, Beguiler, and Witch have a few uses and should be your midrange.
    Bruiser is a role I've used before that for a night action can either act out a bonus perfect kill (that bypasses all protection), or makes the mafia's night kill perfect.
    the rest need no introduction.

    I would also advise that Godfather be immune to detection and night kills, likely until he is the final mafia member. You've opened yourself up to a lot of RNG and could have a bunch of TPRs floating around. Mafia needs a little bit of a buff, but going 8v4 would be nuts.

    Please make these adjustments or explain why you won't make these adjustments.

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    Re: Poker Mafia!

    Second Note: Money is fucking broken.

    In its current form the town can purchase a doctor charge every night, and a vigilante shot on night 1. This is INSANELY imbalanced to hand these powers to every player like this.

    This needs a dramatic nerf, I would recommend by making only the player with the winning hand allowed to buy that night. This will allow one player to be a bit stronger each night, and will create situations where the player can select a higher cost item rather than everyone picking lowhanging fruit.

    The combinations in the first note are up for discussion but this is going to have to be hard nerfed before this setup will be approved.

    Other options include
    - having to have gambled that night. This still needs a price raise
    - having won a hand at some point in the game. This also needs a price raise
    - following a proper lynch/mislynch but raising the prices a lot

    Also, how will the csrds be displayed? If Mafia can coordinate they can only have the highest hand go in. This is okay, but given how abusable it is id remove their added +$25 since they have a cheating advantage
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    Re: Poker Mafia!

    Third note. Boring stuff

    You need to officially note win conditions, day and night cycles, posting rules, activity rules, clarify role cards a bit more (example: doctor cant target self), what the vote mechanics will be (mandatory, majority, plurality, Condorcet?)

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    Re: Poker Mafia!


    This is a highly experimental setup and the mechanics involved are of such unique caliber that we heartily suggest players and the host utilize whatever strategy seems most enjoyable for the game and take none of what results afterward to heart. This is truly a games game.
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