1-S2-1-8364200 Melodylynn

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    1-S2-1-8364200 Melodylynn

    I recently got a new computer and forgot that points dont carry over. I don't remember how many points i had, but this report is the most recent replay i have, since i dont have the old computer. But i know i had more than 6k.


    1-S2-1-8364200 Melodylynn

    this is copy paste from old point restore, which got approved. I have a new new computer and i just want my little points ):

    link to old post that was approved: http://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showth...612#post684612

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    Re: 1-S2-1-8364200 Melodylynn

    will look at this in a little bit!

    7313 points, 161 victories and 313 games played.

    Epic Fail, Happily Ever After, Flawless Victory, Divine Guidance, Last of Kin, State Religion, Suicide Hotline, The Inquisition, Corleone, Mission Failed.

    @MelodyLynn yea the first link Isn't valid to me apparently >.> Gives me a 404 Error. But the old post link had this information, I am assuming this is acceptable?

    If so you are Approved. Please contact an In-game Admin to help restore your points. A good Admin to contact is Light_Yagami as he is our most active Admin in the mod. You may also try to contact Myself or the others if you see us!

    Hope to see you in-game!
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