Karupin 1-S2-1-1857185

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    Karupin 1-S2-1-1857185

    Account Name: Karupin
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-1857185
    Your Realm: North America
    Approximate Points: 16774

    16774 Points....379 Victories, 833 Games Played

    Handi-Capable, Epic Fail, Incognito, Hammer and Sickle, Flawless Victory, Divine Guidance, Last of Kin, State Religion, Suicide Hotline, Hoist by His Own Molotov, Yo Dawg, The Inquisition, Licenced to Kill, Corleone, Mission Failed, A for Effort, Hung Jury, Marathon, Zombie Suicide, Mr.Popular, Medical Malpractice, Coward's Clutch, Eternal Revenue Service, Justice, Judge of Dread, Half Roles, All Town, Half Mafia, All Neutral, Half Triad

    Mafioso, Enforcer, Silencer
    most recent.SC2Replay
    In the replay, Player 2 accesses the Help screen at 1m 30sec, showing all the above information.

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