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    promote me

    [07-10, 08:55] Cryptonic: GD doesnt even has a moderator to close the threads. We should try to make the most incompetent person moderator.

    [07-10, 15:12] Stealthbomber16: can i be moderator

    [07-10, 17:41] NoctiZ: okay, you're in
    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny View Post
    Is it really alright to just call them "dark" templar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cryptonic View Post
    please stop shitposting
    Hopefully you'll get banned and hit by a truck.

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    Re: promote me

    The time for my reascension is at hand
    Quote Originally Posted by PowersThatBe View Post
    Shut up cow.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stealthbomber16 View Post
    Did you just fucking call him a cow?
    Quote Originally Posted by Stealthbomber16
    No, he played as well as he could. He had you right in the palm of his fucking hand all game and you STILL don’t get that. He played you like a fucking fiddle, and it was so obvious and it pains me that nobody else saw it.

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    Re: promote me

    stealthbomber for mayor
    Quote Originally Posted by yzb25 View Post
    President Fielzanks walks up to his stage, preparing his n1 speech. In front of him, his two cronies MM and David stood. In front of him, his immaculately written n1 speech was prepared. 'Gentleman, what is the soul of capitalism?', he asked his small audience. 'Money?', MM guessed. 'Waifus?', David asked. 'No' Fielz replied, disappointed in his trash scumteam .
    Quote Originally Posted by aamirus View Post
    Naz would never forget the Chik-Fil-A Sauce

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