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    M-FM Valhalla

    Basically, this setup is an improved version of Sengoku Jidai and should be seen as such. I'd like some feedback on it and I'd want to know if you think this is balanced as yet.

    Thegn (Thane)

    Thegn (Thane)
    Thegn (Thane)
    Thegn (Thane)
    Thegn (Thane)
    Thegn (Thane)
    Thegn (Thane)
    Thegn (Thane)
    Hidden Anglo-Saxon (Killing)
    Hidden Anglo-Saxon (TPR)
    Hidden Anglo-Saxon (TPR)

    King Ivar (Godfather)
    Hidden Viking (Killing)
    Hidden Viking (Support)
    Hidden Viking (Support)

    Hidden Neutral
    Hidden Neutral

    Role Cards
    Spoiler : Town Roles :

    Spoiler : Thegn (Citizen/Vanilla Townie) :
    You are an Anglo-Saxon nobleman at King Aella's court. You have no special abilities.

    Spoiler : King Ælla (Jailor) :
    You are the King of Northumbria.
    You may jail a person at night, which roleblocks them and grants them night immunity that night.
    This will also open a
    nightchat with your target.
    You may execute your captive. You may only execute once per game.

    Spoiler : Prostitute(Escort/Roleblocker) :
    You are an entertainer at the King's court, using your charm to discreetly eliminate threats to his rule.

    You may roleblock someone at night. Your may use your ability twice per game.

    Spoiler : Herald (Crier) :
    You are a loud-mouthed servant of the King, relaying the news to the court.

    You may post an anonymous message to be displayed during the ensuing day. You may not reveal your identity in the post.

    Spoiler : Housecarl (Vigilante) :

    You may kill a player at night. You can only kill once per game.

    Spoiler : Alderman (Coroner) :

    You may recover a dead player's last will at night, in addition to learning their alignment and role.

    Spoiler : Earl (Doctor) :

    You can target someone at night, protecting them from the influence of Disguisers, Blackmailers and Ventriloquist.

    You have a passive immunity to the Blackmailer's requests and will not be told if a blackmailer attempts to blackmail you or not.

    Spoiler : Vengeful (Role that Needs a name) :

    You have a passive immunity to Disguiser and Ventriloquist.

    If you die during the day, you gain the ability to kill a player. This ability must be exercised immediately after death.

    You may send an accompanying message (short message, no more than 10-15 words) to be displayed during the next day.

    Spoiler : Mafia Roles :

    Spoiler : King Ivar (Godfather) :

    Description: You are the leader of the invading Vikings, seeking to avenge the death of your father at the hands of King Ælla.

    Night Ability: None.

    Special Mechanics: You may override your fellow team members' night actions, controlling their night actions.

    Pertinent Rulings: The first time a Mafia PR dies, you will inherit their ability. If this Mafia PR is a blackmailer, you may not use the Blackmail ability to force someone to push a Lynch.

    Spoiler : Berserker (One-shot Mafioso/Mafia Vigilante -OR- Disguiser) :

    Description: You are a Scandinavian raider, hellbent on pillaging and destruction.

    Night Ability: You may kill a player at night once per game.

    Pertinent Rulings: If the setup is anonymous, upon killing your target you will swap your role, last will and identity (account) with them.

    Spoiler : Hundredman (Incense Master/Janitor) :

    Description: You are a corrupt Anglo-Saxon official, using your influence to help the Viking invaders.

    Night Ability: You may clear a player's role at night, preventing their role from being revealed in the event of their death.

    Special Mechanics: This effect lasts for one day and one night.

    Pertinent Rulings: You may only use your ability once.

    Spoiler : Jarl (Kidnapper/Mafia Jailor) :

    Description: You are one of King Ivar's earls.
    Night Ability: You can jail a player during the day, opening an anonymous night chat with them that lasts for a single night.

    Special Mechanics: You can optionally execute your jailed captive. You have only one execution.

    Spoiler : Drottseti (Blackmailer) :


    Night Ability: Target one player at night, demanding they do something (ONE thing) the following day.

    Pertinent Rulings:
    The demand can be anything as long as it does not disable a player's ability to vote.
    You may only use this ability to ask someone to push a Lynch on a player once per game.

    Special Mechanics: A player that does not meet the demand will die at the end of the day.

    Spoiler : Slavewoman (Consort/Mafia Roleblocker) :

    Description: You are one of King Ivar's slavewomen.

    Night Ability: You may role block someone at night. You may use your ability twice per game.

    Spoiler : Skald (Ventriloquist) :

    Night Ability: You may assume control of a player's account during the night, gaining the ability to talk from their account during the following day.

    You may do this twice.

    Spoiler : Neutral Roles :

    Spoiler : Blacksmith :
    You are a renowned craftsman, forging swords for profit.

    You may craft a one-use Sword.

    Spoiler : Student :
    You are a highborn student. Once per game, you may target someone and become their apprentice.
    Apprenticeship gives you a limited usage of their night ability (if they aren't a killer of some sort) and converts you to their alignment. You and your master share a permanent night chat. If your master dies, you will inherit any night abilities and charges they may still have, even if they are a killer.

    Spoiler : Court Jester (Jester) :

    You win if you are lynched during the day.

    Spoiler : Tormentor :

    You are a demented individual, seeking to torment his chosen victim for all eternity.

    Goal: Receive a random person as a target. You and your target must be the last remaining living players in the game. The Tormentor is considered a side of his own, thus the game will not end until he wins or is killed.

    Ability: You can torment your target in two ways, one is by sending anonymous one-way messages to your victim during the day (by PMing the FM master). The other is you can decide to jail him. While in jail your target is roleblocked and protected from death, you can chat with your victim while he is in your holding cell.

    Events: If your target dies at night your new target will be the first one who killed him, you will of course know who it is. If your target is lynched during the day your new target will be randomly selected out of the voters or be the hammer vote (depending on setup), but you won't be able to jail the new target that night even if you planned to jail your former victim. If you ever vote to lynch your victim and he is actually lynched you will suicide the following night.

    Special: The Tormentor always wins alone.

    Spoiler : Sleuth :

    You are a corrupt palace guard, secretly gathering information for sinister motives.
    You can read a player's last will and optionally modify it. You may do this twice.

    Spoiler : Joker :

    You may target someone at night, announcing a bounty on their head. If they are not lynched within one days, you will gain a temporary nightkill.

    You MAY target yourself.
    Two charges.

    Potential Feedback

    Spoiler : Feedback :

    Spoiler : Roleblock/Attempted Roleblock :

    An attractive entertainer occupied your night. You were roleblocked!

    Spoiler : Jailed/Kidnapped :

    You were inspecting your cherry garden when you heard a curious noise in your quarters. Suspicious, you draw out your sword and slowly approach your quarters... A quick rush of air and alas a hooded, masked man has overpowered you and knocked you out from behind! You frantically try to resist, but the man manages to stab you with a pin! As the stars in the sky slowly blur away, the gravity of the situation dawns on you: you have been kidnapped!

    You awaken, alone, in a dark room, your hands unbound. A parchment lies on the table in front, reading:"[Jailor's Jail Message Appears Here]".

    Your captor finally enters the room and starts interrogating you.

    Link: [LINK.GOES.HERE]

    Spoiler : Auditor's Feedback :

    You investigated the late [TARGETNAME]'s finances last night, uncovering their occupation: [TARGETROLE], as well as their testament: [TARGETWILL].

    Spoiler : Sleuth's Feedback :

    You stealthily made your way to [TARGETNAME]'s quarters last night, finding and stealing their last will and testament. Upon returning home, you...

    a) decide to keep the last will as is and return it to your target's home
    b) decide to forge the documents

    Their last will was:


    Spoiler : Private Message from the Tormentor :

    While walking in the streets of Kyoto, you pass by a shadowy but well-mannered samurai, dressed in ceremonial robes. He slips, and, you, in good faith, offer to help him up. The stranger is thankful, but he immediately disappears after you turn around. Bewildered by his sudden disappearance, you reach for your sword, when you notice a small piece of parchment in your sleeve. It reads:


    Spoiler : Ronin Pledges Allegiance To You :

    Late at night, a landless retainer demands an audience with you. 'This man says he will pledge himself to you, body, sword and soul, if only you would teach him your ways', one of your guards says. You hastily let the man in. Bowing before you with great respect, he refuses to reveal his identity, for he says he has many enemies at court and that these are dangerous times. 'Dangerous times indeed', you remark as you ponder whether you should accept his loyalty or not. After much debate, the samurai convinces you to take him in and you decide to grant him a parcel of land from your personal estate, in exchange for his service.


    Link to anon chat: [LINK.GOES.HERE]

    Spoiler : Your Master was lynched! :

    You did not believe it at first. It seemed that time itself was shutting down. Your master, of all people, accused of plotting to overthrow the Shogun himself? It was a baseless accusation, one without honour. And yet, he was found guilty of treason and executed. One thing is clear in your mind. You are forever dishonored by having followed this man. Bushido code demands your honorable death by suicide. But perhaps it would be a stronger message indeed if you took someone else with you first? Your Master would've wanted it so. His killers must be brought to justice.


    Spoiler : Role Card :


    You win if you are lynched during the day.

    Spoiler : Your Master was killed at night! :

    You hurriedly race towards your Master's quarters, knowing full well you have little time to waste. The walls appear to have been hacked with an axe! And the guards are dead. Heart pumping and filled with a mixture of fear and disgust, you rush to your Master's bedroom, only to find him already dead and the killer escaped. You vow vengeance on those who have killed your master and dishonored you! 'There is no way out of this, save to commit sepuku! But I may take some of those spineless, honourless scoundrels with me, first,' you think to yourself.

    Spoiler : Role Card :


    You win if you are lynched during the day.

    Order of Operations

    0.1 Targets are Jailed or Kidnapped.
    0.2 Jailor/Kidnapper/Tormentor Night Chat Open
    0.3 Targets are Executed
    0.4 Mafia Night Chat
    1. Roleblockers (Consort>Escort)
    2. Kills (Vigilante>Goon/Disguiser>Blacksmith Sword>Jailor>Kidnapper)
    3. Blackmailer
    4. Blacksmith gives out Sword
    5. Survivor Vest
    6. Sleuth
    7. Janitor
    8. Crier sends message (can be stopped by blackmailer)
    9. Auditor

    Days last 48 hours, nights last 24.
    Majority Lynch - player with the most votes by EoD will be lynched.
    Condorcet election system.
    Ties are resolved by RNG.
    Lynch is mandatory.
    Last wills allowed.
    Suicide not allowed.

    Win Conditions

    Town: Kill all the Mafia and evil-doers (Neutral Evil, if applicable).
    Mafia: Kill off the Town and attain the majority of the votes. You must kill the Tormentor.
    Neutral Evil: Survive and see the town lose the game.
    Survivor: Survive to the end.
    Blacksmith: If the game ends on an odd night, you win with the Mafia. Otherwise, you win with the town.
    Ronin: Your Master must survive to the end.
    Dishonored Ronin: Get lynched during the day.
    Tormentor: You and your target must be the last ones standing.
    Sleuth: Survive and see the town lose the game.

    Rules of Conduct

    Insults are alright, but do not take it too far.
    Don't discuss the game outside of officially approved channels.
    Do not quote PMs from me.
    Be active.
    Don't gamethrow, threaten to gamethrow, or even attempt to gamethrow.
    Don't grief.
    Anon accounts, if people want. I recommend this so I can replace Mafioso with Disguiser.
    If a Ventriloquist/Disguiser/Blackmailer end up in the game (i.e. the setup is anon), then you are allowed (and encouraged) to encode your posts with a cypher. You have to PM me the code beforehand and explain in detail what exactly your code does. You may only submit codes that you generated yourself, pen&paper; don't use a computer program to generate it for you, because it would be unfair then.
    Everything else is allowed.


    1. Q: Can Janitor (Incense Master) sanitize a lynched player's role and last will?
    1. A: Yes. They would have to use their ability on that specific player the previous night.

    2. Q: What happens if we lynch a Dishonored Ronin?
    2. A: A random voter will perish.

    3. Q: Can Jailor or Kidnapper use their ability if a player was lynched that day?
    3. A: No.

    4. Q: Can Ronin (Student) be roleblocked?
    4. A: No. It is a non-targeted ability, meaning that they do not visit they target.

    5. Q: What kind of night actions can a Coroner detect?
    5. A: They can see a role blocker, Disguiser/Mafioso/Vigilante, Auditor, Blackmailer, Coroner, Sleuth and Janitor visit at night. In addition, they can detect Jailor or Kidnapper executions.

    6. Q: What happens if the Tormentor's target dies?
    6. A: The Tormentor commits suicide.

    7. Q: Can we lie about the Mechanics?
    7. A: Yes, but if I am asked directly, I will give the correct answer to the question. I won't cover for your lie.

    8. Q: Can a blackmailed person state that they are blackmailed?
    8. A: Not unless the Blackmailer specifically told them to do that.

    Additional notes

    There are three separate jail chats, not all of which are necessarily active at the same time. They have similar names (Cell Block R-47, Cell Block J-19 and Cell Block G-48. I will randomize (before game start) the roles which are assigned the Cell Blocks (Jailor, Kidnapper, Tormentor).

    I'm adding an observer/dead chat for this game. It's located in the same place as the night chats. If you want to talk to join in the observer discussion, you need to PM me (after the game starts) so I can send you the password and login. I may add some mini-games in the Observer chat so people can have fun.

    Link to the night chats (they are or SHOULD be invisible):


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    Re: M-FM Valhalla

    Please, PLEASE, no 36h days....... it means that either start or end of day will be in a shitty time for literally everyone.

    And with so many people, plurality would be nice IMO. It always ends up being the only way to make the game move anyway.
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    Re: M-FM Valhalla

    Quote Originally Posted by Yayap View Post
    Tormentor ability requires a host be online at all times during the day since most useful messages will be time sensitive.
    Co-hosting is a thing, I believe.
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    His last words shall be remembered.

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    Re: M-FM Valhalla

    I didn't know there were Shōguns, Odas, and samurai/ronins in Northumbria. ;-)

    I think the setup itself is nice. Maybe removing 1 neutral would be nice, though, as there are a lot of anti-town roles, and Mafia has 4 members. 1 neutral should be enough.

    Just realized Mafia has no factional kill! Nevermind the last sentence, it's perfect. By handpicking roles, you can really make this a fun game. Just fix role names, descriptions and wincons, and we should be good.

    Also, Vengeful can just be called Vengeful Thane lol

    Also, putting a Disguiser into that changes the whole thing...
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    His last words shall be remembered.

    “There is nothing more spacious than the church of God, because all the elect and the just of all ages comprise it.” – Pope Clement XI




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