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    Can we please make a rule against being asked to reveal your role any time before night 3. I hate getting lynched day 2 JUST BECAUSE I am hiding my role be it I am town, mafia, triad anything. the name of the game is survive and not get caught right? so why pm your role to someone and say your last will? I get you need to make up a story and whatever. but the old mafia was wait on sherrif, invest, spy and the like to find the evils and call them out. none of this "last will and role" stuff that goes on now.

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    Re: LW

    The name of the game is not to 'survive and not get caught'. It's to do whatever it takes to get your team to win. If you're town and revealing your role does that you should.

    However, on a slightly related note, mass claiming isn't fun and only arises because the setup is silly. Which most of them are on sc2mafia.

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    Re: LW

    It's a shit meta but it is what it is. you're just going to stupidly get yourself killed if you don't participate in the mass claim meta so you kind of just have to do it.

    Dying for what you said is not nearly as bad as watching a townie die because he was too stubborn to defend himself - that is what truly irks me the most.
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    Re: LW

    The mass-claim strategy isn’t great but it’s still a far throw from waiting for ‘leads’.
    Waiting for leads isn’t fun. Not that the ‘role-lw’ thing going on atm is, but it gets the job done.

    It arises bc it’s usually the easiest and simplest way for Town to win. The average game doesn’t have enough citizens to prevent mass claims from being so effective, unfortunately.
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