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    yes. no.
    I love oops

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    main benefit of a forum is that all your chats are in one location if you have multiple night chats in one game, makes things simpler to manage.
    but if you have special mechanics, like a role that can read night chat... then qt is better because it won't show how many people view the thread. some forums allow you to turn off that option, but if you forget to then it ruins your game. another easy thing to miss is turning off post count, so people can tell if a player is in multiple night chats.

    another negative regarding a forum is that everyone will always try to play the system. they will go through your member list, count how many members, check how many are on at one time. maybe a mafia member is wondering why there are 2 additional accounts, and assume there is a jailor in the game. or he sees 5 people online when the mafia only has 3 members.

    a forum is also a lot of work to initially set up, but you can use it (and the accounts) for more than one game. so, if you're hosting a lot, it makes it more worth it.

    over all, i'd recommend just setting up a qt. it's easy and it works well.

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