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    Favorite Forum Mafia Game

    Mine are FM XXI (the Viking-themed one), Your Everyday Average Game (PoD was the in-game 'Host'; the FM was hosted by Deathworlds), and a few others, such as the Serial Killer-Student FM (Cryptonic hosted it).

    I also enjoyed reading FMXXII (Star Trek), even though the setup confused me to no end LOL.

    -vote FM XXI
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    Re: Favorite Forum Mafia Game

    Probably FM X
    Spoiler : Forum Mafia :

    FM VI: Ash (Sinner) FM VII: Glen (Drug Dealer) FM VIII: Liane (Vigilante) FM IX: Andrei (Reserved Proletarian) FM X: fm Deathfire123 (Modkilled Blacksmith) FM XI: Corki (Citizen) FM XIII: Phoebe (Bodyguard) FM XIV: Helena (Grave Robber) FM XV: FM Pikachu (Mayor) FM XVI: FM Master Chef (Escort)

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