CHOO CHOO, the Leaver Salt Train

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    CHOO CHOO, the Leaver Salt Train

    Let's imagine a scenario (below) where as soon as the game loads, impatient trolls start spamming -repick inb4 the custom save slot has even been selected...after an indecisive host realizes they have no quality save or any save at all, they decide to pass the reigns to someone who insists they have a good save...

    but it's not a good save...its the save from hell. Few sigh publicly in the lobby chat, some in real they just waited 15-20 mins for this. As the custom variation reveals a save that has cult, no marshall, crier, and 2 mm in it, an arso (or something else that's as bad or as worse.)
    What is one to do? Report someone? Leave and start a new lobby? This happens fairly frequently, just wanted to see your opinions on it.

    -example scenario-

    The host will set up the game.
    1. Oshitwhaddap: who want it
    8. Mario Pizza:me got BEST save in both NA and EU
    1. Oshitwhaddap: ok must b ffx theme tho
    8. Mario Pizza:is the new host.
    *Loads Custom Variant*
    4. Pord Frefect:HAHA
    4. Pord Frefect: i don't play dumb cultist saves with uneducated NOOBS
    4. Pord Frefect: "CHOO CHOOOOO!!"
    Pord Frefect has quit.
    Mario Pizza has quit.
    5. Failor the Jailor: aww shiiiiet, this sucks
    REEEEEEEEE: has quit.
    15. Distressed Townie: Oh nooo :l
    Bigger Nob has quit.
    Failor the Jailor has quit.
    15. Distressed Townie: why does this always happen to meee
    Distressed Townie has quit.
    12. NotGodfather heh heh heh
    10. AViolentProbe:well that was easier than i expected LOL
    2. TownCrier: zzzzzz who do we report? what is the best measure of action to do in this kind of scenario?
    12. NotGodfather sounds like your problem, topkek!
    10. AViolentProbe:kekeke, KAPPA!
    10. AViolentProbehas won their first game as Arsonist.
    12. NotGodfatherhas won their first game as Godfather.
    2. TownCrier: Ripperoni....
    TownCrier has quit.

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    Re: CHOO CHOO, the Leaver Salt Train

    You can definitely report people for leave-training. Now, using a save in and of itself isn't reportable as far as I know (unless it features Stumps or Scumbags; running a hacked save like that falls under Griefing and is punished with a watchlist/ eventual point ban (?)), but if the host used that save just so people would leave, that would be reportable, although very difficult to prove and impractical to happen.

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    Re: CHOO CHOO, the Leaver Salt Train


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    Re: CHOO CHOO, the Leaver Salt Train

    Quote Originally Posted by aamirus View Post
    The save you described doesn’t sound too bad to me. Your average 933 is heavily town-favoring anyway. It’s only the standard because of all the trolls/idiots that even the odds
    im always so weary of double mass murderers, Darth Jar Jar/Aamirus
    i always die on n1 lol

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    Re: CHOO CHOO, the Leaver Salt Train

    The only solution to this is: CHOO CHOO, LYNCH TRAIN ON THE LEAVE TRAIN. Ban bang ban bang.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny View Post
    His last words shall be remembered.

    “There is nothing more spacious than the church of God, because all the elect and the just of all ages comprise it.” – Pope Clement XI


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