Do colored names provide any particular advantage?

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    Do colored names provide any particular advantage?

    The question is in the title. I'm rather curious, because the use of colored names seems to only provide disadvantages. The reason I'm asking this is because in a recent game:

    A player with a colored name was put on trial on D1 (Yes, there is a trial on D1) and claimed bus driver and even detailed his plan of action for the first night. The town agreed to inno him. Being an arsonist, having a bus driver alive would prove to be disadvantageous to me as I may douse incorrect targets. So, I decided to use his colored name/points against him by openly lying with the statement: "I know this guy personally, he blacklists town roles. He's lying." "He even told me specifically a few games ago that he blacklisted Doctor, Sheriff, Investigator, Detective, and Bus Driver." Since he uses a colored name and likely has the points to use -prefer and -blacklist, the town believed me and changed their votes to Guilty which resulted in him being lynched. They did not think of me as being suspicious and instead was angry with him saying things along the lines of "Don't blacklist town next time scrub". Unfortunately this manipulation seems to only work once as I've tested it several times on players before, but you get the point.

    In addition to being subjected to random lynch, being a preferred target for killing roles, being disliked by players who can't use colored names themselves (jealousy), and probably a few more that haven't come to my mind yet, what exactly are the advantages of using a colored name? Players who use them only seem to make it easier for opponents (me in the example above) to eliminate them and win the game.

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    Re: Do colored names provide any particular advantage?


    To prevent what you described, for it had happened to me: If you got less than 20k points, just tell people your SC2 identity and make them look at "Help" section so they see you cannot prefer. I do that and it nearly always saves me when some stupid guy says "He probably preferred mafia!" and uses that as a reason to lynch me. Plus, you can establish a meta around you. E.g. I always blacklist Survivor, Doctor, Godfather, Beguiler, Agent. Those are roles I do not enjoy in the current state of the game (Doctor is a great and powerful role, but sadly people tend to lynch doc claims simply because they are doc claims). Colored names allow people to single you out of a big bunch of people.

    If you see people lynching/jailor/vigi executing you because of your name instead of your in-game actions, report them. It's witch hunting, which goes into the Griefing section of the punishments. Those people are assholes that are not allowed to do what they are doing, so colored names should NOT take that much importance.

    Plus, clever protectives will tend to protect colored names/hated players more, especially BGs. Colored names have downsides, yes, but they also have advantages.

    Your play, as an evil role, was a great one btw some strategies like this may seem stupid, but they can solve games. I hope that answers your question.
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    Re: Do colored names provide any particular advantage?

    Quote Originally Posted by Magoroth View Post
    I have 20,000 points and I prefer Jailor, Survivor and Vigilante
    I blacklist mafia.
    But most people aren't necessarily like me.
    Some people (I THINK this is the majority of players) prefer neutral roles.
    Having a coloured name provides no particular advantage in and of itself, no. But people who use coloured names are also able to prefer... it's kind of a dumb reason to be LYNCHING someone for, but there is a thing called 'name-slip'. If your name is trolly and you're not trolling, something is wrong, for example.

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    Re: Do colored names provide any particular advantage?

    I see. So far it seems that you're more likely to be protected by prot roles, and if that's not the case, then there really is no advantage. Also yeah, it is a dumb reason to lynch someone for, and I didn't expect using it to paint my opponent as evil would work, but the town still decided to roll with it. His name wasn't trolly at all, the town lynched him solely on the fact that I lied about his -blacklist.

    Anyhow this does answer my question. Thank you.

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    Re: Do colored names provide any particular advantage?

    I don't really care whether or not a player has a coloured name when it comes to protecting him or not, but, that being said, a lot of stupid people play mafia and will try to kill you if you have a coloured name. If you don't know who to protect n1, protecting a coloured name is just as good. I think it's mostly people that have very little points who try to 'punish' other players for having more points than them, who engage in such selective targeting. Kind of stupid bc it's not like points do anything other than give you some æsthetic benefits

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    Re: Do colored names provide any particular advantage?

    Coloured Names have their Advantages and Disadvantages but it has many factors that they depend on and doesnt work on everyone

    oh and btw ''Efekannn02 is always evil'' -some random guy
    and ''you know this game is going to shit if Efekannn02 is the voice of reason'' -some random american

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    Re: Do colored names provide any particular advantage?

    Pros: You are more likely to be listened to (by average players) when talking and you are more likely to be protected by doc/bgs

    Cons: You are more likely to be targeted by killing roles and certain players will decide that unless you have an extremely compelling alibi, you must be scum and kill you just because of their general suspicion of colored names and prefer/blacklist

    There is a separate thing tho, and that is revealing your identity. Probably the majority of people who choose the same colored name over and over again do it because they want to establish their identity and develop a name for themselves in the mafia community. It really goes against the more advanced ways of playing the game (anonymity means the game is all about analyzing what u see rather than using pre-existing knowledge), but it has its pros and cons as well.

    Pros: People who are your friends/know you well are more likely to trust you and follow you. If you develop a general reputation as a good player people will be EXTREMELY receptive to your ideas. This further increases the chance you will be doc/bged as well. Evils will even be afraid to attack you at this point because of how likely it is for you to protected.

    Cons: People who know you will be able to easily pick out when you're not playing your normal town meta. People who know your blacklist/prefer will use that against you as well (and potentially use their abilities to forcibly remove you IE: jailor/vig)

    So, overall when you look at those two descriptions, I would say as a normal colored name it's not really worth it other than showing off your points, but if you can develop a good reputation as a person who always uses the same colored name, you can get some distinct advantages.
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    Re: Do colored names provide any particular advantage?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lysergic View Post
    Color name is great for town roles who need authority. Sucks for town roles who need anonymity. Sucks even harder for scum roles.
    Not always. Take the only true god as an example... If I do not step in and make sure I say everything I can (without spamming of course), I will be seen as scummy. So at this point, meta saves me. It's what I said earlier about meta, I should probably add that the more people know you, the more they will be unable to read your role based on color name if you play your meta cards right.
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    Re: Do colored names provide any particular advantage?

    So that means every other player in SC2NaMafia is stupid for not protecting me every game - where when I am colored I prefer 5 town and 3 benign roles x.x
    Haven't been in a game where BG/Doc was on me N1 - the occasional Night 1 WD getting me is always fun though x.x seems evils like me more than town.
    Also people listening to colored names ingame? - Bullshit... Just from the past 3 days I can upload 10-15 replays when I am confirmed town - solved the remaining evils - and town lynches me "cuz you are colored" xD. Heck even Jailors/Vigilante shoot me when I am confirmed Veteran/Jailor/Vigilante/Crier xD xD xD

    My point - very very very very very very few people especially on NA have brains to trust individuals not only color names.

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    Re: Do colored names provide any particular advantage?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny View Post
    I always target colored names or people with high lvl skins and people sometimes call me a suicide bomber for doing so.
    Strange... Nobody Called Me A Suicide Bomber When I Target Coloured Names And Intentionally Lynch Jesters
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    Re: Do colored names provide any particular advantage?

    It's more funny when you and some friends can be colored names and just spam chat with "CHOO CHOO". Town is usually more likely to listen to you if you appear as a brain dead mouth breather. From experience, I've gotten more wins just by spamming and yelling out lucky leads than actually trying to be reasonable with town. The only time you should ever play smart is when you're an evil role. If you plan to go coloured name, its best to have multiple on a note pad so nobody ever pieces things together.

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