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    Best games megathread

    Have you had any memorable games of Mafia that you were involved in?

    I just got a solo witch win

    I also attached a replay.

    I just wanted to flex

    There's also a game where there was Marsh and Judge. I was Marsh, and one or two of the mafia died. I waited until judge courted, then I would reveal in the day between courts. In the save used, I could only lynch 3 people. When I revealed and lynched, I got Judge, a Mafia, and some other evil (either mafia or jester, i dont remember), winning the game instantly for the town. Unfortunately it seems I forgot to screenshot it...
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    Re: Best games megathread


    Efekannn02 the Mayor getting banned for lynching a survivor
    Efekannn02 the Mason Leader whose Mason called him scum and lynched him to throw on Day2
    Efekannn02 the Judge getting killed by MafiaZ N1 Multiple times
    Efekannn02 the Troll surviving the Legendary 10 Efekannn game
    Efekannn02 the Egoist destroying EUMafia around new year 2017
    Efekannn02 the Legend extending a Mafia Game to Day 18 with Troll Powers as Comfirmed Arsonist
    Efekannn02 the Betrayed who lost everyone to gain friendship with "better people"
    Efekannn02 the Evil Troll who planned a Master Plan to Reclaim EUMafia and Revive EfeF
    May The Heart Be Your Guiding Key

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    Re: Best games megathread

    I've actually been playing dead by daylight a lot lately...
    I love oops

    Spoiler : :


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