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    Endari 1-S2-1-657355

    Account Name: endari
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-657355
    Your Realm: West Coast
    Approximate Points: should be 20,000-25,2000. Don't remember exactly since I haven't played in years, maybe 2013-2014. I am a donor so I started with 5000 points. Played a lot of roulette. I've played at least 2,000 games I think. No replays as they were on my old computer

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    Re: Endari 1-S2-1-657355

    From our own database dated 12/23/2014...

    Account ID: 1-S2-1-657355 is approved for:

    10664 Points, 333 Games, 153 Wins.

    Forever Alone
    Epic Fail
    Hammer and Sickle
    Happily Ever After
    Flawless Victory
    Divine Guidance
    Last of Kin
    State Religion
    Suicide Hotline
    Licensed to Kill
    Judge of Dread

    You can contact any in-game admin to arrange a time to complete the restore.

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