Getting dropped (DDOS or hack?)

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    Getting dropped (DDOS or hack?)

    This is not the first time I get dropped after an "event" in the game. This time, I was judge (never spoke at night), and I came in with a clutch court to save a mafia from being lynched (and we lynched Vet instead).

    I got dropped during the lynch proceedings. My internet worked fine during the Disconnect popup msg (I forget what it says, but it's the one with the option to dropout/resign). I am confident that my 1000 Mbps internet was not to blame here.

    So, does anyone know if there is some hack going on that allows them to drop players? Some individuals like FatButcher have been accused of being hackers, so it wouldn't surprise me that they have role hacks. But is there a hack to drop players?

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    Re: Getting dropped (DDOS or hack?)


    If such a hack exists, we don't want the trolls to find it

    That being said, I believe it doesn't exist, unless you're really super skilled hacker.
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    Re: Getting dropped (DDOS or hack?)

    Couple of things to point out:
    1. It is possible to DDoS people. SC2 is no exception. This is especially easy when there are less players (in the session, not players who died)
    2. It doesn't require THAT much knowledge (there's no skill involved, just knowledge of networking and programming) to DDoS someone, but it does require enough to where some idiot or average person couldn't just google search "How do I DDoS people who offend me" and start dropping players the next day. You don't need to worry about trolls "finding" them. DDoSing is usually done by ACTUAL hackers (or just generally intelligent people) with control over a botnet -- I don't mean people with a bunch of SC2 accounts -- or as you call: "Smurfs"

    It's possible that you were DDoS'd, but I think it's unlikely especially given how many players easily call each other a "hacker" when
    A: they're just script kiddies that download a program off the internet, or
    B: the accuser is stupid and either doesn't understand how hacking works to begin with, or how the game itself works.

    If you want to confirm if it was a DDoS, I'd monitor external network traffic at the very moment this incident occurs (if it ever does) again. The last time I was DDoSd, my router was being flooded via network packets by several computers and was unable to function properly.
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