Blinkskater/Drunkard - Neutral Benign Role

All of your posts must first be translated by this app before they can be posted (on the "smashed" setting): http://www.zantherus.com/fun/drunkpost.php

All players in the game will be given a gender by the host at launch, male, female, or ?.

Goal: Convince a player of the female gender to send you nudes.

If a player of the male gender sends you nudes, you instantly die and lose the game.
If a player of the ? gender sends you nudes, you become confused and forget your identity. You then convert into an amnesiac, with the night ability to take on the role and win condition of any dead player or otherwise the win condition to survive til the end of the game.

Abilities: You can choose one player to have an anonymous night-chat with each day. You are told the role of this player at the start of the night and can attempt to blackmail them for nudes.