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Thread: What am I? (#4)

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    Re: What am I? (#4)

    Quote Originally Posted by yzb25 View Post
    I-I've got it!

    You are the adoptive child of a gay coupling between Prince Charles 1 and Oliver Cromwell in an Alternate-Universe English Civil War Fanfic!

    Or some other child that happens to be the offspring of a monarch and a republican!
    Truth being told: you kinda suck. :)

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    Re: What am I? (#4)

    I am just gonna leave the "correct" answer here for the future. (Though I LOVE Magoroth answers)
    ÀaaaaafjrFaktajtJfJfjfMckffkKfkgzfzmffMfmfmffmfMfm gmgmvzmgMgzmgzmgMgzmggzmgzmfMfzmggmgzmggzmgzmgzmgz mgzmggggzmf
    Spoiler : Answer :
    half king + half freedom = half lion + half eagle = Griffin.

    Please tell me you understand why the eagle represents "freedom" .
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    Truth being told: you kinda suck. :)



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