What am I? (#4)

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Thread: What am I? (#4)

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    Re: What am I? (#4)

    Quote Originally Posted by Efekannn02 View Post
    fine ill random guess then



    Communist Worker

    Mother Nature


    Damn Everything Fits lol
    I could only see "Life" as a fitting answer. Some of the others are pretty funny though.
    But yeh. I accept life as a fitting answer, even though it's not even close to the expected/real one.
    Truth being told: you kinda suck. :)

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    Re: What am I? (#4)

    Quote Originally Posted by yzb25 View Post
    Omnipotence. Cuz knowledge is power so full knowledge makes you king. And if you know how to do anything, you have max freedom.

    Guess I'm probably stretching lol.

    Woulda said death cuz all men must answer to it and it sets us free, but apparently the answer is unrelated to life.
    Stretching indeed
    I actually think my answer is straight forward, once someone thinks in the right direction. But I also think none ever will because the intended way of thinking in this one is not the way you usually would think in a riddle. (Or is it?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallow Marshall View Post
    Is it a political thing?
    No. But honestly, I can't say a 100% no because one half has a country involved, symbolically.
    Truth being told: you kinda suck. :)

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