Faction Abilities Update

Added support for making most factional abilities shareable by the faction. Exactly how the faction kill works.
Spoiler : unallowed_abilities :

  • Amnesiac
  • Architect
  • Assassin
  • Item passing abilities
  • Ghost
  • Jailor
  • Marshall
  • Mason Leader
  • Mayor
  • Passive abilities
  • Proxy Kill
  • Snitch
  • Survivor
  • Ventriloquist
  • Vigilante

Setup Modifications
  • Removed legoboy and knight errant setups
  • Removed a unlimited use abilities from Veteran, Coward, Tailor, Janitor, and Vigilante
    • 1 cop, 6 citizens, 2 goons
    • Cop gets a town peak before game
    • Would like to add Must Lynch and Must Act for this setup

    • 1 undetectable goon, 1 detectable framer
    • 4 cops, 1 miller
    • Miller flips evil on death
    • Framer can kill and frame

Role Updates
  • Assassin
    • Assassins will no longer be able to daykill allies if no enemy factions have Assassins

    • Added option to pierce tailoring suits

    • Added option for flipping as evil when dying

    • May now self target

    • Witch can make people take control of their factional ability if there's no one currently gunning for it

    Drug Dealer
    • Removing feedback from someone that used their auto vests will no longer get the feedback that they used their auto vests

    • Added option to get a pregame ally check

Narrator Updates
  • Choosing who gets to control the factional team abilities will now be done by the Condorcet Voting method.
  • Simplified selection message text code
  • Who starts off with autovests will now be listed in story recap
  • Cleaned up a lot of the 'item' code
  • Simplified Jailor/Architect code to allow them to be mashed (not that anyone would?)
  • Removed 'Night immune' modifier. Use bulletproof ability if you want a night immune role
  • Seperated Bulletproof and Miller into two distinct abilities

Narrator Fixes
  • Fixed Commuter, Cult Leader, and Coward action selection text
  • Fixed Spy charge text
  • Fixed generic ability charge text to show '~' if charge variability isn't 0.
  • Fixed hidden action selection messages for Mafia. They'll now appear in the story recaps
  • Cult Leaders can now correctly recruit Infiltrators, even if the Infiltrator's faction isn't recruitable (which is the entire point)
  • Aliases no longer get cleared if the game is reset.
  • Citizens now get turned into Cultists even if 'Cult keeps roles' option is turned on
  • Culted people also keep items gained from other item giving roles
  • Removed Cult Leader conversion cooldown in favor of modifier. This was just redundancy removal
  • Fixed Condorcet resolve issue with empty votes
  • Fixed Mafia Ventriloquist not being named Warg in GoT

Discord Updates
  • Invitations coming from 'subscribe' will be deleted if the game starts.
  • Invitations from 'subscribe' will no longer go out if you're not active.
  • Moved some non helpful commands from '!help' when game's in progress
  • Fixed bug where roles list would be revealed if host is killed
  • Fixed sc2933 setup undefined color issue
  • Made Blacksmith and Tailor usage text more clear
  • 'Game cancelled' won't appear twice anymore
  • Fixed Snitch(Oracle) support. The message wasn't appearing
  • Fixed double confirmation message when submitting an action
  • Fixed framer confirmation messages and usage examples.
  • Disabled displaying available setups midgame.
  • Bot will now respond to help even if you don't put the channel command.
  • Targeting people by pming the bot and accidentally using @ will now strip the '@' away to attemp to target them.
  • Stripped spaces from votes to handle trying to vote people.
  • Stripped special characters like '_' from all messages to handle people.
  • Blackmailer will now stop people from talking in chat**
  • Messages that leak through (because they're admins or something) will get deleted.
  • Admin messages during the night will get deleted.
  • Fixed issue with nightstart allowing people to talk in channel.
  • You may now use web ui to talk in channel
  • Added anti spam mechanisms
  • Must wait 4 seconds before each message is sent
  • !living and !info will now pm you privately if you do it in day chat

Auto Tagger
  • Every 30 seconds someone will be tagged based on the following criteria
  • They're online, or afk
  • You've played with them before
  • They haven't blocked you
  • They haven't been tagged in the last two hours by the auto tagger
  • Other people can autotag at the same time, to increase the 'played with them before'.
  • You may block specific people that use auto tag
  • You may put yourself on the do not disturb list, which expires in 2 months
  • You may remove yourself from the above list, whenver you want.
  • You are not allowed to use autotagging if you're on the do not disturb list.
  • Tag messages are removed when game is cancelled

Visual Updates
  • Removed ugly 90s scrollbar from chat.
  • Desktop chat tabs have been reworked to use icons and on hover expansions. Visual polish!
  • Color rework
  • More vertial space for chat bar on desktop
  • Skip Day is now at the top of the vote list, instead of the bottom

Visual Fixes
  • Fixed setup list showing available setups twice
  • Fixed text description of rules with an alias like 'bread/soma' in them
  • Fixed issue when a user went offline, but wasn't in the selected action's allowed(visible) players
  • Fixed most recent message not being visible
  • Fixed n0 deaths getting labled as n1 deaths, n1 deaths as n2, etc.
  • Fixed day messages getting all lumped into most recent day
  • Clicking on a vote announcement message will now properly hide the chat on mobile
  • Properly centering icons in targeting/action section
  • Header sizes are now properly magnified
  • Dead non-ghosts will no longer see the chat bar for Day Chat and Night Chat
  • Infiltrator now shows up as a recruited Cultist ally to the Cult Leader
  • Host popup properly disappears if login button is clicked
  • Chat input no longer visible on setup/game lobby exit
  • Home tabs, when logged in, properly display in the correct area now.

  • Mason chat to be more of a modifier. These roles get to be part of a custom chat, and the 'neighborizer' role, a new ability, would add people to that. Also having the ability fail or not on non towns, as a general modifier would be cool too.
  • Still, I would like to integrate Narrator with Maybe hosts will then use this for S-FMs? TBD.