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    Re: Women-only thread!

    My security number is 1-S2-#######... and im not a girl
    Quote Originally Posted by Distorted View Post
    omg... lol im sorry that you did that...... there is no hidden message, it was a direct copy paste..its 189,000 characters long, so trust me when I say - I am sorry for wasting that much time reading amino acid sequences.
    if there's a wolf on Ceme, I can get behind Tom, I basically townread everyone, Aba a bit less and Marsh has his special throne

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    Re: Women-only thread!

    Quote Originally Posted by Arsonist View Post
    Go away you wench!
    Quote Originally Posted by Rachyl View Post
    im sure theres no way this could be a scam or anything, so ill just leave all the information you requested.......you sure are a catch if you can dance! haha
    I have Breakin' / Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo on Blu-ray, that should tell you enough about my dancing skills.
    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallow Marshall View Post
    My security number is 1-S2-#######... and im not a girl
    We can pretend.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gyrlander View Post
    I'm a dragon. Is it good for u?
    I must say that as a self-proclaimed expert genius in the slaying that I've been with many chicks in my day. Let me tell you that I've felt so many types of breasts that in my travels there have never been something softer to touch as the feeling of dragon breasts.
    The soft feeling of a bag of dragon-sand is a feeling unlike any other my dear lady.

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    Re: Women-only thread!

    If you are interested of being a pedo, i ve some friends who wants to date with 20-25 yo boys.
    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallow Marshall View Post
    Your signature shuld be "Too scummy to be scum!" :P
    Quote Originally Posted by PIayer View Post
    Hybrid... :weed: even his corpse is scummy

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