[Mechanics] Game Stuck at lynch

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    Game Stuck at lynch

    A tie breaker between a triad, a judge and 2 towns are being performed.
    And after multiple ties, game is stuck.
    and after a shortwhile dead chat is also frozen.
    My new work is fine, ping is at somewhere between 30 and 300. There were no reconnect messages...
    This ain't happening for the first time. But the first time it happens is like 300 games ago so no replay for that one!

    Bug at 28:00-Mafia- (392).SC2Replay

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    Re: Game Stuck at lynch

    Quote Originally Posted by Magoroth View Post
    Sounds like your average Judge save. Judge saves, especially Judge saves that have progressed to Day 4-5 and beyond, have a tendency to freeze. Judge and Crier saves are significantly more likely to freeze than a simple Judge save.
    The eventual game freeze is 1 issue, but the tiebreaker failing to execute after the Anonymous Vote day ending is a separate one
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