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    S-FM The corporation


    Welcome to the Corporation. The suicide rates in the company have recently doubled and becouse of the insurance policy (which gives the remaining family members a huge sum of money if the employee dies while in service)
    the company is losing alot of money. The CEO has ordered the chief of security to investigate the sudden increase in suicides. He suspects that the internal network houses a group of hackers, who are hacking into their fellow co-workers computers and revealing sensitive information which makes them lose their will to live.

    Setup :

    1. CEO
    2. Chief of security
    3. Employee-pr
    4. Employee-pr
    5. Employee/pr
    6. Employee
    7. Employee
    8. Employee
    9. Employee/hacker?
    10. Hacker
    11. Hacker
    12. Neutral killer
    13. Neutral benign

    Roles :

    The Corporation

    Once in the game you may override a lynch into the person of your choice
    - Only works during days where someone is lynched. you also need to submit your override befeore the lynch happens. (does not lose the power if no lynch happens)
    - You are informed who the Chief of security is.
    Chief of security(jailor)
    Choose someone to interrogate and role-block during the day. You are then given a night chat with your prisoner and the option to ''fire'' them.
    - You may only kill someone once
    - Ignores immunity and healing
    - Your target gains immunity while in your ''office''
    - You will kill your target if someone forces you to visit that person.
    You are probably the only girl that works in this department
    - At night you may text someone and ask for help about an IT problem, roleblocking them
    - You are immune to roleblock
    It Guy(Mason)
    You sit at the computer everyday and pretending that you are doing something useful.
    - If there is only one It guy alive, you may attempt to convert a Employee into an It Guy(will fail if you are killed the same night)
    - You share a night chat with other It Guys
    You may audit a persons logs at night.
    - You can choose to see who the person visited at night or you can choose to see who the person was visited by.
    Social media guy(crier)
    You don't actually do any work, you're just posting things on Facebook and Instagram everyday and everyone hates you for it.
    -At night you may post an anonymous message that will be displayed at the start of the day.
    Bringing in the money
    Recovery agent(coroner)
    Because of the recent lost of files, the CEO has turned you into a recovery agent.
    - This role cannot exist at the start of the game
    - If the CEO is alive a random Employee will be turned into a recovery agent if someones role gets hidden.
    - At night you may check a dead person to see their role, who they visited each night and their last will.


    Man in the middle
    You intercept traffic and redirect it
    - You may target 2 people and force them to visit eachother
    - Only the first person you target will be shown by investigative roles.
    You erase your targets hard drive.
    - You may target one person and if that person is killed his/her role will be hidden and the last will wont be shown
    - You have 2 charges(will be used on failed attempts)
    - You can be sent as the factional kill in addition to your night action.
    - You will know the role of your target and recieve the last will if your target dies during that night.
    - Beware! If the CEO and at least 1 Employee is alive, then a random employee will be turned into a recovery agent if someones role gets hidden.

    Win Conditions :

    Mechanics :
    • Days last 48 hours and Nights last 24 hours, an early lynch pauses the game until scheduled time.
    • You may not target yourself unless the role states otherwise.
    • In order to lynch someone, a player need to be voted by Majority of the players that's alive. (51%)
    • Suicide is not allowed, Please read the employee manual.
    • Night and day actions are locked when a hour remains.
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