Is it legal to troll so hard in game?

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    Re: Is it legal to troll so hard in game?

    these crimes are general guidelines. Our main goal is to promote a fun environment for people to play Sc2Mafia.

    Crime: Role-Quitting
    This is when someone leaves right after they see their role.
    Example: Someone leaving right after rolling Doctor.
    Type: Light

    Crime: Griefing
    Griefing is trolling to the point of the game being ruined.
    1) Lying about being a sheriff just because you want the guy with the colored name to be lynched
    2) Targeting a player because of their SC2 identity regardless of actual evidence
    3) Running a setup with Stumps or Scumbags assigned (roles which are impossible to generate without hacking one's bank or copying someone's setup who has done so).
    Type: Light

    Crime: Lag Cheating
    Lag cheating is when someone shares in-game information over lag chat. It does not matter if the information is true.
    Example: Saying "12 is GF" in lag chat.
    Type: Situational

    Crime: Leave Trains
    Leave training is defined as causing a mass leaving of the game. The use of terms such as "choo choo" to incite mass leaving is prohibited.
    Example: Saying "SotD detected, choo choo!!!!" then leaving.
    Type: Situational

    Crime: Reactionary Game-Throwing
    This is when you react to something in the game by gamethrowing.
    Example: A Mafia member who game-throws because the Godfather keeps attacking an invulnerable target to earn an achievement.
    Type: Situational

    Crime: Intentional Game-Throwing
    This is intentionally playing to lose.
    Example: A Mafioso giving out the names of his fellow Mafia to the town during his trial.
    Type: Intentional

    Crime: Cheating / Additional Information
    Cheating is using methods unintended by the game or soliciting out-of-game information (such as a player's name) to discuss a game in action.
    Examples: Using Skype to plan your plays with other players or asking players to provide their name in order to decide whether to lynch or kill them.
    Type: Intentional

    Crime: Hacking
    This is using 3rd party programs to figure out the roles of other players. Pretending to hack may be treated as actually hacking.
    Example: Using any hack.
    Type: Intentional

    Crime: Abuse of In-Game Mod Powers
    This is a Moderator using their powers to gain an unfair advantage or break another rule.
    Example: Killing players so that Mod wins.
    Type: Staff Crime

    Crime: Name Abuse
    This is naming yourself something so long that it blocks the chat box or the graveyard, naming yourself something that may appear to be blank, or coloring your name so dark it is very difficult to read.
    Examples: Using a name that is completely black; Making your name only a period "." or other insignificant character.
    Type: Additional Crimes

    Crime: Colour Chat Abuse
    This is using colour coding to highlight your in-game text.
    Examples: Revealing as fake Mayor; highlighting text during court.
    Type: Additional Crimes

    Crime: Bank Hacking
    This is editing your bank file in any way, shape, or form.
    Example: Hacking your bank.
    Type: Additional Crimes

    This should cover what you should say and what you shouldn't say depending on your situation. If you have any other questions or want clarification please feel free to ask.

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    Re: Is it legal to troll so hard in game?


    It's fine to troll - even troll very hard. However, just make sure not to troll so hard as to grief or gamethrow.

    I like to troll a lot, but just make sure you don't cross certain lines.
    I'm FloodingRain on sc2, sorry for the confusion <3

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    Re: Is it legal to troll so hard in game?

    You have to go out of your way to break the rules, lol. There aren't that many, and the ones that do exist are clearly defined. Just use common sense for everything else: for example it's not technically against the rules to spam racial slurs over and over, but anyone with a brain knows the difference between "trolling" and "ruining the player experience."

    And tbh, the trolling is what makes sc2maf my favorite online mafia experience. Not the losers who clog chat with 1000 lines of garbage, obviously, because that's just idiocy and not trolling... but the rest I often find hilarious.

    Griefing/throwing/etc. isn't trolling either. It's just breaking the rules.

    And it really is that easy. Just don't be an idiot, and you can pretty much say whatever you want.



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