Changelog 4/2/2018

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    Changelog 4/2/2018


    Joker Additions

    • Witch will add a kill to joker if it exists
    • Witch can force bounty, but not change it
    • driver can't change bounty
    • Announcements each day bounty is active
    • Announcement when bounty is done
    • Ghost will need to make bounty setting joker lose if bounty is active when ghost is lynched and bounty setter is alive
    • Grave diggers will be the bounty cause if they make corpse joker bounty ghost
    • If electromaniac would trigger, joker fully completes action before electrocution gets hit up
    • Commuter's won't get bountied if commuting
    • Not fake role blockable
    • Part of the Pirate setup

    Setup Modifications
    • Removed legoboy and knight errant setups

    Role Updates
    • Commuter
      • Grave Digger can now properly make commuters leave the graveyard

      • Added option to learn what roles visited a corpse while the player was living

      • Minor text fix

      • Added feedback and rolecard help text to ghost
      • Ghost can't interact with game if they can't win no matter what
      • Fixed dead ghost not having 'Clues' chat tab upon death
      • Added story recap text for when ghost posessses

      • Fixed a bug that occurred when mayor was voting someone before they revealed

      • Removed 'Amount of lynches left' if no marshall is possible, or if lynches is 0
      • Fixed Marshall null pointer bug

    Discord Updates
    • Removed kill command. It's only supposed to be a test command
    • Fixed permission error on game cleanup
    • Fixed naming bug with characters with emojis in them
    • Commands like burn, and reveal, are no longere allowed in public chat
    • Being logged in on Narrator, then clicking a guest link generated by the bot will log you out.
    • Triple announcements for mayor revealing have been squelched.
    • Started implementing no spam mode: commands like "!vote "" will disappear from game chat. The bot will continue repeating the text, however, will not.
    • Added alias for '!leave'. You can use '!out' and '!exit' and '!quit' now.
    • Added alias for '!join'. You can now use '!play' and '!in'
    • Attemping to join a game in a channel with no active games will create the game
    • Fixed @Distorted 's naming issue

    Visual Updates/Fixes
    • Shortened action submission text removing the "You will" part.
    • Fixed where ~ shows up if charge variability isn't 0. It was showing up in the complete wrong place
    • Disallowing player names with emojis in them
    • Error message now shows when joining a game
    • Pressing enter after submitting game code will act as a submission
    • Fixed coloring issue when changing your name to a bad one.
    • Warnings now close when 'X' is clicked. They didn't before.
    • Initial join/host popup will now be closed upon game completion -> going back to start
    • Skip voting is now easier to do in "host controlled voting" mode
    • No more end game popup spam of what happened during the night

    • Mason chat to be more of a modifier. These roles get to be part of a custom chat, and the 'neighborizer' role, a new ability, would add people to that. Also having the ability fail or not on non towns, as a general modifier would be cool too.
    • Still, I would like to integrate Narrator with Maybe hosts will then use this for S-FMs? TBD.
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