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    TauntShaman: 1-S2-1-8644522

    Account Name: TauntShaman
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-8644522
    In-Game Name: .

    Crimes Committed: Name Abuse

    Your Account Name: Pain
    Summary: In two separate games he used the name "." colored as black. The first game even had an admin/moderator in it - Kira, but he did nothing about it. I believe this clearly falls into the Name Abuse category as it is impossible to see on the player card, and if you are not paying close enough attention it is very easy to assume that player was already eliminated.
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    Re: TauntShaman: 1-S2-1-8644522

    ID Verification:
    TauntShaman: 1-S2-1-8644522 - Correct

    Players Added to Report:

    REPLAY 157: Ctrl+5
    REPLAY 158: Ctrl+1

    REPLAY 157
    TauntShaman chooses the name "." (a single black period) and roles Spy in slot #2.
    Day 1 #6 points out a problem with #2's name, which is nearly impossible to see.

    REPLAY 158:
    TauntShaman chooses the name "." (a single black period) and roles Dragon Head in slot #8.
    Some players seem clearly confused buy not seeing a name in slot #8.
    #8 is lynched for his name.

    Was the game result altered?

    Player Offenses
    TauntShaman: Name Abuse

    Previous Offenses
    TauntShaman: Intentional Game Throwing (OH), Game Throwing (WLx2)

    Recommended Action
    TauntShaman: Watch List x2

    Additional Notes
    In case TauntShaman has any question to what Name Abuse is, this quote is directly from the announcement in the reports section listing common offenses:
    Crime: Name Abuse
    This is naming yourself something so long that it blocks the chat box or the graveyard, naming yourself something that may appear to be blank, or coloring your name so dark it is very difficult to read.
    Using a name that is completely black; Making your name only a period "." or other insignificant character.

    Thanks for helping to keep the game clean!

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    Re: TauntShaman: 1-S2-1-8644522

    Quote Originally Posted by Tauntshaman View Post
    According to the rule this name is fine, isn't it?
    Since it's neither completely black nor only a period "." or other insignificant character?
    No, it is not. That would be an example of coloring your name so dark that is very difficult to read. There are a lot of very dark colors. Black is only one example.
    Winner of Survivor 2

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    Re: TauntShaman: 1-S2-1-8644522

    From what I can see, your appeal was marked as time served due to Arrow being too busy to get to the appeal before you served the 2 week watch list. You did game-throw and Arrow touches on it himself in his own review of the game. I can understand how it's confusing tho, I'll get in touch with a Warden to confirm the status of this report for you.



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