HadesKnight: 2-S2-1-6096579 to 1-S2-1-10299668

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    Re: HadesKnight 2-S2-1-6096579

    I am unsure if anyone has the ability at this point to do point restores on EU server. Most, if not all of our staff from that time have turned over.

    If you can find an admin, however, this is approved for 4532 points, 106 wins, 198 games, Incognito, Happily Ever After, Flawless Victory, DIvine Guidance, State Religion, Hoist by his own Molotov, and Mission Failed.

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    Re: HadesKnight 2-S2-1-6096579

    Quote Originally Posted by Nighthawk View Post
    @HadesKnight , if you like we can transfer your points to North America Mafia Server? We are unable to do restores on EU anymore unfortunately. Please let us know - if we don't hear back in a month we will close this request.
    would that be possible to joint it with existing euro account (after I lost those I just started to play again) ? I just merge both into one on North America, that would be great

    I will post replay from new as I finish the game

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