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    Got a few questions for Joker implementation:

    As per http://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showth...e-list-and-FAQ

    Joker - May announce a bounty has been placed on X player. If X is not lynched or killed within 2 days the Joker may kill 2 other people and pick his target again.

    Also http://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showth...WIFOM-Mafia-Q:

    Target a first target (Seen by investigatives) and a secondary target, may self target.
    When two are targeted, one of the two must be lynched during day.
    Lynching someone other than the two Joker targets will allow the Joker to decide their fate (kill one/both or spare, this isn't seen by investigatives).
    If this happens, the Joker may discard their original action the following night to plant a bomb to a targeted player.
    Bomb causes everyone in that house (thus no visit / being visited) to die.

    The Joker has a limited 4 kills from his manual kill ability, this does not reflect on Bomb.

    1) What should happen if the joker gets role blocked the night he's announcing a bounty?
    2) What should happen if the joker gets role blocked the night he's killing? Should he get to kill again another day? Is it then like they get a charged killing that they can use up all on one night?
    3) X player. Is that a single player? What would happen if I upped it so Joker can say "lynch one of these 5 people, or I get to kill 2 people"
    4) If joker gets bread/a shot, how should it interact with this role? Be able to announce another bounty? (Probably going with this)
    5) What happens if the joker's target dies instead of getting lynched. They get to rebounty the following night? I guess this doesn't matter much.

    I'll do some setup in my environment for adding this role tonight
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